Golden ratio and shirogane ratio

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

Structural calculation documents counterfeit problem took place in Japan.

June 6, 2006

Golden ratio and shirogane ratio

June 3, 2006

I woke up suddenly at midnight.
It was after I watched TV program about golden ratio and shirogane ratio and went to bed.

"The Ruler's Stars stole the wisdom of other people again.
*The golden ratio was devised by Sirius and it was taught to Stone gods.
The shirogane ratio was devised by Sirius too and it was told to Jupiter.
The trees which Jupiter sent to the earth are round, which meant it is important to form the circle was told by Sirius.
However the Ruler's Stars heard what Sirius taught Jupiter and taught human beings to cut the log all the way in the square form which meant four foot animal.
It was the Ruler's Stars that taught wooden house in Japan.
It was youth of Sirius that cooperated with the building of Buddhism buildings just as if youth of Stone gods were fooled in complicit in the Greek religion.
It was informed by causing the structural calculation documents counterfeit problem which took place in Japan.
The youth of Sirius thought they would be asked about it and informed by pleading guilty.
It was not prince Shotoku that made the temple of Horyu.
The youth of Sirius came down to the unnamed person and taught him.
They think they did a bad thing to Stone gods.

* )Golden ratio=It was used in Parthenon, and so on.

* )Shirogane ratio=It is used in the size of the paper or Japanese architecture(five-storied pagoda)

There is the statue of prince Shotoku who has finger paste carpenter tool (carpenter's square) which is used in carpenter's tool.
Therefore people think shirogane ratio was devised by prince Shotoku, which seems to be hated by Stone god.


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