From the late Yasin and the terrorist woman

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From the late Yasin and the terrorist woman  

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

March 29,2004

From the late Yasin and the terrorist woman

March 29,2004

(The vision)

“The map like Mediterranean sea turned up.
Many cartoon monsters were drawn near the place which seemed to be Israel.
All of them disappear and the water of the sea got less rapidly and sea became a land bridge at the end”

I did not know the meaning of above vision but channeling started

I'm a person of learning.
Yasin speaking.
I am the reincarnation of Muhametto.
I knew it because I was told when I moved here(the world after death).
I used to hope the happiness of people.
However I was under only one misapprehension.
I adhered to what the foster parent who had killed my father said instead of adhering to the teaching of Muhammad.

(I adhered to the word "Eye for an eye")

My subconsciousness=soul was told it in 1998 and I realized it.
Therefore subconsciousness of mine tried to tell it to consciousness with heart and soul in vain.

(Is it about the matter which Yasin had to lead the life on a wheelchair?)

If the way forward is different from his correct one, his subconsciousness makes it impossible for the body of this world to walk in some cases.)

The same thing was told to Sharon and his subconsciousness(soul) was aroused for a short time thanks to the stars.

Therefore Sharon really wanted to see old buddies(Palestine) and went there. 

(It seems to mean that he went to the place of strife. The same thing was told previously.)

The old buddies are the ones whose faces are similar to mine.
The both were brothers long, long time ago.
Of course Sharon did not realize it because he thought with consciousness.
Sharon could not leave from the real feeling of consciousness and to his sorrow he could not recall the matter of long, long time ago and could not be aroused to the feeling of subconsciousness at all.
After I moved here(the world of subconsciousness where humans go after death), I have got along with fellows of long, long time ago.

(It means he has got along with people of Israel, too.)

That's why both I (Yasin) and Sharon have the stubborn belief that is as hard as a rock.
Please turn this info into consciousness because it tells why Dome of the Rock has been cherished and why several religions were born from there.
I was told ships of evidence* that shows our ancestors were the same couldn't have been remained there without the sea.
Please tell it to my loving companions.
From Yasin, who has the belief like the arrow.

* The ship of the sun

This image was given by the person who visited Egypt.
This ship has the scars which show it actually sailed the high seas.
Even a single nail has not been used .

The reason why the bow of the ship is unusually long shows that the giant Stone men pulled in the sea? and when it entered into the river, it moved forward rowing, which was told in channeling.

They say it was found in the desert near Sphinx.

U.S. and Egyptian archaeologists have discovered twelve wooden giant ships in the desert on Dec.21,1991.
The length of the ship is from fifteen to eighteen meters long and they seem to have been built five thousand years ago.
I was told in channeling these very ships are the evidence which show Israel and Palestine have the same ancestor .
The "You fellows" story

The reason why many ships were unearthed in the desert show that people in Israel went to the trade from Israel to Egypt but they were taken prisoners of the Egyptian.
Since then they were captured in Egypt for a long time and they became Jew.
The people who remained in the country of Israel came to be under the rule of Islam.
Therefore ethnicity was divided but the original had been the same ethnic.

March 19
Right flank of my body felt a tingling sensation.

"I have not had a real job.

was told in channeling.

"The person of Fatah speaking?
I'm the person who has fragile.
I feel anxiety abysmally.
The man I respect said the rock has consciousness.
He is Laila Khalid.
I want to tell to the Ambassador of Israel.
I got the info through Laila Khalid.
I have been with the grief that I can't forbear.
We both have the same feeling, I think.
I realized revenge is called by revenge.
The same trend has spread all over the world.
Please let the people of Judea know that rocks have consciousness.
I was told Jewish blood has entered the ancestors of Japan, too.
It is too late even if we may know it after we die.
It is important to understand people should form a circle in order to live as humans.
I was the person of Fatah?
As I felt frustrated(against the moderate thought)I went to Al-Qaeda.
From Sunika-Nin'nari?

(The pronunciation is hard to hear in channeling and consciousness tend to forget many things in the world of subconsciousness.
So it can't be claimed if the pronunciation of Sunika-Nin'nari is right or not.

I died with the dynamite wrapped around the stomach.
I was the mother of a child.
I did it because of revenge.
I did it because I had my husband kill by them.
(When I moved to this world of subconsciousness )I was scolded by stars that my deed made my child unhappy.

As this is told by subconsciousness, I do not know if it is the matter of reality or not, because there are many cases which are related only to the world of the subconsciousness and do not achieve in reality.
Therefore I hesitated to open this info to public but I thought it may serve even a little for the peace of the world and am going to tell about it.
I tried to summarize the info which have been told in bits and pieces in six years and found those info are consistent. 
Therefore I connected the info which were told in bits and pieces and made a long story.

(The more detailed story of Islam from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA)

(Though Jesus and Muhammad lived in the different age, their subconsciousness which reborn in later years became famous.)

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