The thoughts of the war dead,From the the conscious mind of the earth which came to have unbearable anger,
The earthquake in Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

May 16, 2005

The thoughts of the war dead, From the the conscious mind of the earth which came to have unbearable anger, The earthquake in Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

I did not expect to hear things of war as I had been talking with the peaceful mind about the stories of the travel so far and the places where I wanted to visit from now on yesterday.
However I was awakened in the middle of the night by the movement of my mouth which began to tell what was told by a spirit clearly.
It was a long unprecedented sentence which seemed to be given by the support of Sirius.
I thought it was conveyed by the words which were given by the spirit with the thoughts of regret.
As the contents of it was harsh, I am anxious about opening it to public.
However I think we should not forget it because as many as one million soldiers were killed.
Even if we can't imagine it, it took place in reality.
The contents is the same as the ones which has been told until now.
It must be the events which will go into oblivion as the months pass away.
Therefore I would like to open it to public.
Polyp came out in my mouth and I was asked to open it to public.

(I have had the polyp several times in my mouth previously. It was the swelling of one part of the upper palate. I was not able to find any cause of the swelling. However the swelling came to be healed when I told what I should tell.)

May 16, 2005

I woke up suddenly at midnight.
The channeling was started.

"I died ---.

(Something was told before this word but I forgot it as note paper had not been in time.)

Do you know why I convey the story by waking you up all the way ?
There were as many as one million soldiers who didn't want to die for the Emperor of Showa.

[ Troop death toll of Japan =1,174,000, Civilian death toll of Japan =670,000]

The Emperor of Showa is the man who died without seeing the fear of death even once.
We were told that we should die for the nation and were forced to live more miserable than animals.
The best food on the battlefield for us was snakes and rats and we got despair as we wanted to go back to parents or wives as if we went crazy and continued to assault by becoming desperate.
Those who have heard the stories of tragedy in the war have to show this thought of regret of youth as the matter which will never disappear so long as the name of emperor exist.
While royalty and the aristocracy are lavish on exquisite cuisine and wine, TV program showed some have to desperately scavenge the garbage dump for the sick mother and little brother.
How did you feel when you saw that TV program?

(As the words told through the channeling was too harsh, I can't write all of them.)
(The TV program was showing the parent-child who live in the garbage dump.)

Why isn't the information from the 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' spread to the world?
Though it must be got for the equality of the people on the earth, it is not spread among people because those who stand at the top of the society(people of the government, media, scientists, Emperor's family)do not acknowledge it.
Therefore many people give up all hope and are sacrificed by the people who are going to die with bombs around their bodies.
Now the conscious mind of the earth came to be able to see such humans through the human eyes.
Now the earth understand some of the humanity feel happy to see fresh green of trees and many flowers.
But some of the humanity live in the unimaginable hunger and the smell of garbage.
Some discard the remained food after eating full.
Some of parents are seen to kill their children and some of children kill their parent.

(Stone god seems to have descended to me as I'm having dull feeling in my eyes. )

Everyone was equal in Sagittarius.
The king and the queen were chosen in Sagittarius by the strong feeling which wanted to make the earth 'Star of Hope!
The organization in Sagittarius is thoroughly different from the royalty and the aristocracy on the earth who enjoy their lives on the sacrifice of others.
Those royalty and the aristocracy on the earth think it is for the friendship among nations and they go for playing with the same mates.
Such a way of thinking can never be thought correct in Sagittarius.
You have the luxury by taxes of people is the same as the young people that play around with the money of the parent.
It is well known by the atoms in the sky and universe, Stone gods and Sirius.
The system of the Imperial Household is different from the law which tell all humanity are equal.
The freedom of the people of the Imperial Household are not admitted and they are made puppets.
The conscious mind of the earth feels it is the same as the general of the army who is symbolized by Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture and the earth caused the earthquake and the hail in the Kanto area to show it.
From the conscious mind of the earth who became an adult mentally and feel unbearable anger.

* earthquake=epicenter is the surtherrn part of Tochigi Prefecture(Nikko city), depth 10 km, M 4.5, Seismic intensity 4

* hail = big hail whose size was as big as sugar cube in Kanto area.

(When I finished writing this, I felt comfortable in the left leg by which I understood well energy was descending to me. )

Why did the atoms in the sky and universe convey such a thing?
It is something to do with the coming back home of Mr and Mrs of Emperor's family from overseas and the movement of North Korea.
The atoms in the sky and universe tell me North Korea expresses the prewar Japan.

So long as the system of Emperor's family continue, North Korea tries to become the strong nation by imitating prewar Japan.

The atoms in the sky and universe seem to hope to convey the disturbing movement of North Korea have something to do with Japan.

#) Many of the carps in the moat of the Imperial Palace died owing to the carp herpes.

It shows the warning from the atoms in the sky and universe.


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