The rotation of the earth bThe movement of the earth's axis @

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

From 'The dictionary of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA'.

The rotation of the earth

The reason why the earth rotates is that it is for the purpose of shaking off various things which are going to stick to the earth from space.

The movement of earth's axis

Such as miserable ritual of sacrifice were performed by humans manipulated by the Ruler's Stars in Mayan civilization.
People felt the extreme fear.
Therefore the subconscious mind of people wanted to be born again earlier and asked for the help which attracted the comet.
The beings of Lucifer which was one of the planets of the solar system turned into the comet and ran into the Yucatan Peninsula around AD 400.
Then earth's axis moved and the climate changed rapidly.
The equator lay just from north to south before the movement of the earth's axis and the district which is cold now was warm.
The movement of the earth's axis might happen several times before the plunge of the comet to Yucatan Peninsula??
The enigma which we see in the fact that the fossil of dinosaurs were found in Antarctica can be solved when we consider there were the movement of Earth's axis.

strawberry=the collection of Stone gods' oath

"The seeds of strawberry surround the berry.
It is the sad story of it.
A strawberry has the shape like a small round mountain.
Though there are small seeds(?) around the berry, children aren't born from the seeds(?).
Those seeds are nothing but the meretricious ones.
It was the same as Stone gods.
Though Stone god made the mound which looked like a strawberry(Kisaichimaruyama tumulus and so on), they came to be forgotten.
Kisaichimaruyama tumulus in Ayabe-city, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Stone gods all over the world made rocks as their alter egos with 'the dropped part' and let them be arranged like the stone circles , Dolmens and so on ).
However no children(alter egos) were born from them.
Soon they came to be forgotten by human beings, too.
It is a sad story."

Stone money

They are big stone money which were used in the islands of southern Pacific ocean
Stone gods made them so that they would be similar to the shape of Sagittarius which is the home star of Stone gods.

stone money micronesia


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