The first person that understood this info in Germany@

By Sennari

This is the wonderful comment posted in the forum called Godlike Productions

Re: Atoms have consciousness

Dear Sennari Masuya, thank you for opening such a precious thread.

From Anonymous Coward


Dear,Anonymous Coward

Thank you for your nice comment.
I'm much encouraged to see your wonderful comment.
You may be the first person that understood this info in Germany.
Atoms and Ms Taeko Shiraki must be very glad to find such a person appeared in Germany.
I think every humanity has to know this info, but it seems very hard to understand this info for humanity.
If possible would you please publicize this info as much as possible because you are good at English.
If many humanity understood this info nature wouldn't get angry.
The climate would get milder.
Flood would not occur.
All the Stone gods on the earth would get happy to find the person who understood this info.
They have been waiting for the appearance of such a person like you more than two thousand years.

The first person that understood this info in Germany


Thank you for your mail.

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