Leo/nardo (da Vinci)| pine nut | The Virgin of the Rocks

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

March 15, 2007

Leo/nardo (da Vinci), pine nut, The Virgin of the Rocks

I woke up at midnight.
The channeling was started.

"Leo/nardo('da Vinci' can't be pronuunced) means to bow the knee(?)
I was told to stretch the hair like a lion(by the queen of Sirius(?))
Leo/nardo grinded pine nuts by the stone into the powder and painted it on the picture.

(I hardly did not understand the meaning of 'pine nut' but I was given the signal in my right palm which told it is true.)

He did makeup the picture with the powder of pine nut and he solidified Stone human more who became the picture by disassembling to atoms.
As he slammed the powder of pine nut on the picture, he added 'da Vinci'.
The priest of Christianity also wanted to be great with longer name.
The sketches which is said to have been drawn by Leonardo da Vinci are the same as pictures.
They were made as the atoms of Stone god turned into those sketches.
The picture was taught by Sirius."

(If the raw materials are appraised now, they may not the pine nut.
However as atoms have thoughts they might have been changed to other materials.
However pine nut is the raw materials which can not be imagined at all.
It is true many pines are being planted in Rome.)

I asked whether it is all that Stone god wanted to tell.

"I still have more to tell.
I'm the Stone god who turned into the picture.
The reason why I turned into the picture was that I wanted to let humanity know about Stone humans"

(Yes, it is very easy to understand about Stone humans.)


"Let me tell about The Virgin of the Rocks.
Stone god turned into the rocks and he is watching.
I can imagine what is wanted to be in the cave.
Atoms gathered together according to the figure which I imagined.
The women and children are Stone humans.
Atoms turned into these shapes.
The clothes were made by atoms' turning into those things.
Atoms gathered together after they saw this picture and they turned into such humanity as is drawn in this picture.
I wanted to tell it."

(I was told previously that atoms saw the animals on the rock art and many of them gathered together and turned into those animals. )

The things like sticks on the ceiling expresses Stone god was soft.

*)From bulletin board

The information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' told the pine nut is ground.
They say oil painting uses essential oil called turpentine which is taken from pine resin and uses walnut oil ground walnuts.


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