How were humans made? |Consciousness and subconsciousness

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How were humans made?|Consciousness and subconsciousness @

By Sennari

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

April 8, 2006

yPostscript Oct.29,2012z

How were humans made?  Consciousness and subconsciousness

There was a question which asked, "Isn't it dubious to convey the contents which was got in channeling?"
I do not know the meaning of what was asked a little but I am a channeler and I think it my duty to convey what was told from the universe.

Therefore I make it a rule to convey directly what was told from the universe.
However there are some info which may give trouble if I write what was told in channeling.
But I immediately get a polyp in the throat, if I hesitate to write them.
I can see the polyp clearly in the mirror, and I can't help constantly distracting at tongue.
As I know I will become cancer if I intact the info without writing about it, I make it a rule to open them to public.
The kanji, a Chinese character for cancer is written as ''.
'' is a kind of pictograph which means if we do not tell about the meaning of the mountain, we will become the cancer.
Moreover to write the truth will be related to Peace on the Earth, I think.
Therefore I make it a rule to write it even it is the harsh info.
There are two types of people when they read this info.
One receive the contents obediently as they think they can solve the mystery, and the other can't understand even after many years.
The beings in the universe told me it depend upon the difference of the subconsciousness of them.
Crop Circle has informed about it many times.

pPD yWhat on earth give the info to Miss Taeko Shiraki? z

From atoms to the Ohmoto(the central)of the universe tell me in channeling@and visions.
The beings on the stars with no names mainly and the body of the consciousness which came to the earth from Sagittarius tell me.
In addition the rocks, stones and subconsciousness(soul) of humans tells me with words which are shown by the movement of my tongue.
Bad body of the consciousness which want to be worshiped and the energy body which are represented by the pattern of mites, the black color or the color of primaries,@show the meaning though they don't speak.
In addition I have never seen the ghosts.

pj2D yDoes Intelligent which is told in ID exist? If it really exist, what is it?z

Atom itself is conscious and get more wisdom and those aggregation with the same thought turn into the star.
Of course the thought of stars are not always all good.
It is told intelligent are formed by speaking one another and it design the balance of the universe.

pj3D yWhy and how creatures, including human beings, were made ?

These info were shown by the unexpected visions. @
The info told until now is too much and can't be conveyed with bulletin board.
So it is summarized in the book 'The birth of humans from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
Because there are too many info even about the very mechanism of the body, there still remains unknown info.
Because the reader of Let's solve the enigma of the earth summarizes the information from the sky so far on the blog, please refer to it.

pj4D yI do not know the difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious. Would you please tell me specifically? z

I have often told humans are made of consciousness, subconsciousness and the soul.
Soul is the power to live.
"Subconsciousness"=the conscious of the star has been sent as the human.

All the atoms were made by the thought of "love", because the Ohmoto(the central) was alone in the universe and he felt lonely at first.
Please refer to The story of the universe
The beings of Sagittarius sent those atoms to the earth and made creatures there.
The wisdom was given by Sirius to the creatures made by Sagittarius.
Humans were born with the subconscious mind of those stars which became the subconscious mind of humans.
However the other big stars saw the humans on the earth and they tried to imitate it.
Therefore they tempted the atoms to form the human bodies and they sent humans which they made to the earth. @
So those humans were born on the earth with the thought = the subconscious mind of those big stars.@
"Conscious mind" = the mind which are thought when humans are awake.
Conscious mind is not thought by brain but is sent from the body of the subconsciousness which exist in the place near the earth(stratosphere).
It is the conscious mind which appear clearly and can be aware of the mind.


Humans continue to live together with conscious mind and the subconscious mind.
There is no properly work to live as a human being in case either is too big.
I was told in channeling that nerves cross in the neck in order to live as a human being in a balanced manner by both the minds.


I was told by the beings in the universe the following which I wrote in the book, but I forgot to write here.
Therefore I would like to add now.

Many people who have had human experiences are descending from the world of the subconscious mind today, but they often seem to feel difficult to live in human society.
There are two types of subconscious souls which enter into the fetus.
One is sent from the stars.
The other has the memory as a human being.

yPostscript@Oct.29, 2012 z

ID written in this page means Creation science (Intelligence Design).
Creation science is very similar to the information from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
However it is said to be a kind of religion and Christianity is hidden in the back.
Consciousness is likened to a kind of ice floating on the sea and the part which emerges from the sea is conscious mind and the part sinking below the sea level is said to be subconscious mind.

As subconscious mind is quite larger than conscious mind, subconscious mind seems to determine most of all the matters which humans experience in life.
There are cases life now is not the one that is wanted by the subconscious which wants to live a different life.
I was told that in those cases the subconscious mind incur the disasters like earthquakes by which humans can discard the body now and can move to the world of the subconscious mind in order to born again as another human, though it is impossible to imagine such a thing because conscious mind usually want to live as long as possible in this world.

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