John Lennon and aliens  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

John Lennon and aliens

Dec. 12, 2004

John Lennon encountered aliens.(?)

There is an article given in the above ↑ site.

John Lennon actually saw the creatures like insects.

I think it has a little deep meaning.
As I have often told in my site, there were many who saw various shaped so-called aliens until 1998.
They were sent from the stars which sent insects to the earth.
Until '98, abduction by alien UFO which were widely discussed on TV is heard very little now.

The superman like masked Rider(locust)and Ultraman (Greys)have been made by being conscious extraterrestrial biological entity on TV and the human race have been brainwashed unknowingly that extraterrestrial body consciousness are strong and good.
The youth who cause abnormal incidents have been affected by TV games as those who have made those work of art have been dominated by such extraterrestrial body consciousness and have controled the human race Joy and Fun.
Grain patterns inform such unnatural death cases as cattles , and so on.

However they are only to validate ufo incidents which occurred until 1998.

The ufo sighting incidents until now are apt to become funny stories and people come not to take up decent stories of the person who had actual experience.
Those stories are going to be forgotten as they are.
Though there are many matters which exceed much the human imagination in the universe, humanity believe only the power of science and they have continued to taunt the invisible world.
I think those human attitude has caused abnormal situation in all aspects


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