Stone gods who made the crust,Stone god in Hawaii  

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is translated into English from "Let's solve the enigma of the earth"

Dec. 16, 2004

Stone gods who made the crust,Stone god in Hawaii


"The brown things like clay modeling line up and cover round (something).
The bottom one is a big part and it is big just like the thick spring roll.
Many smallish flat clay are put on it and they look like mountains and plains as they are uneven on which U-shaped and triangular things are put."

"Stone god turned into those shapes and they covered the earth which had been the iron chunks which had melted into mush. (crust formation)
Many Stone gods who located at the bottom coalesced and extended thinly and formed the wide membrane as much as possible and covered the earth widely.
(It is just like stretching the kneaded flour flatly when noodles are made.)
The long and short of it, Stone gods who shaped like potatoes which you looked in your vision yesterday extended widely that way."

(The vision which I saw yesterday was a very strange shaped potato.
It had many small projections which looked like small heads with the expression like faces and looked many people had coalesced. )

"It spread just like that decoration of seismic zone.

The decoration of red line show Eastern Pacific Ocean ridge , Mid-Atlantic ridge, Japan trench. 

I have often been told plate tectonics theory is wrong.
They say overseas seismologist also tell that the earthquakes which occur recently in reality don't fit in Plate tectonics theory (twin earthquake etc).

"The end of Stone gods which became widely become the ridges and they serve as limbs of Stone gods.
As they contact by moving their hands, earthquakes occur.

I was told about trench before.
When I was anxious about Phillipines Trench previously, I was told as follows.
Stone god who recommended to other Stone gods to go to the earth was surprised to find the earth was the star full of hardship when he came to the earth himself.
Therefore he regretted deeply that he tempted others and dived in the deep sea, by which trench was made.

【Image or dream】

"As there are two eggs under the sheet, I wanted to take them out by moving them from the top of the sheet."

They say plate tectonics theory was made, as Hawaii Island is moving to Japan several centimeters every year.

"It simply means Stone gods of Hawaii Island is just trying to get close to Japan.
As there are no Stone gods who are connected with Hawaii Island like Okinawa archipelago and Aleutian Islands, Stone gods of Hawaii Island are homeless children.
They were naughty children Stone gods.
They were tempted by the Ruler's Stars and descended to the earth recklessly.
In addition they were seduced to do things marked by extreme lack of restraint or control.
They still moving to Japan, as they want to get closer to Japan."


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