Stone gods in Kerama of Okinawa, Japan, | The meaning of summer day and heavy snow  | Nichiren of Buddhism | The meaning of butterfly   

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 6, 2004

Stone gods in Kerama of Okinawa, Japan, | The meaning of summer day and heavy snow  | Nichiren of Buddhism | The meaning of butterfly

Dec. 6, 2004

I woke up when my mouth moved and said "Kerama".

(I was informed about the picture of the waterfall of Senjin in Yakusima island of Japan by a reader of my site yesterday.
I wrote back saying that small islands are making an announcement as hard as they can.
However I didn't know the name of Kerama Islands.)

tatami mat rock in Oujima island in Kerama Islands

Though I wanted to tell about Mu, God of the earth told me that I didn't have to tell.
Stone gods wanted to go to Japanese archipelago while holding hands, though we thought vain.

(It means Stone gods held hands and tried to be connected with Japanese archipelago (=They are the islands of Okinawa islands) .

We often came to hate our act and wanted to collapse.
However we thought humanity would acknowledge our presence some day and we called out one another.
As we felt something no good, we called out the words of the oath to one another.
The giant said, "I want the juice which does not get solidified."
That was the poorest.
Years passed away all too soon and I told about Stone gods whom I wanted to let the people who live here, know them.

However God of the earth told me what I told people have been changed to other stories.
So I decided not to expect humans.
Mu was the first trigger.

I wanted to go to Japan together with her as Munoia (typhoon) tempted me to go to Japan.
We caused the high waves and tried to get closer to Japanese archipelago.
The reason why big waves are made is that we call out to the atoms of the sea water, "Now it's the time when you come back to the sky."
Then atoms which came from Mercury stand up and high waves are made.
The reason why strong wind blew (40 m wind speed blew in Kanto area of Japan)was that the word of command to start the race and chase was put out to the atoms in the air.
Wind is produced because every atom of the air plays race and chase."

"The reason why the typhoon land in Okinawa, is to break the building of dragon(The castle of Syuri) which is to be enshrined by any means.
We often went there to beak it.

The reason why it became a summer day in the Kanto area in Japan is that subconsciousness(=spirit) of the persons who made miserable death in the battle of Okinawa went together with Munoia.

Those spirits wanted to let people know why they had to make a miserable experience owing to the reincarnation of Dragon.

(* Emperor Jinmu is the reincarnation of Dragon? or incarnation of Dragon? has been told since the channeling was started.)

They caused the strong (south) wind even in winter so that people who did't know it and worshiped emperor, would realize it anyway.
Though I was told that the person who knows(understands)this information would turn up some day, I can tell it at last.
(Though it is a summer day in Kanto area of Japan)The reason why the heavy snow fell in the northern part of Japan is the subconsciousness of the persons who died a miserable last moment in the nortern area like Siberia(Aleutian Islands) wanted to let people know their miserable experience anyway and participated in the movement of atoms which caused heavy snow.

The subconsciousness of many people who died of hunger in the cold climate freezed the sad tears, though they can see happy scene of the living people.
Many insist the Imperial Household is not the descendants of Dragons and they are worshiped.
They have fooled the people thousands of years.
As we wanted to let people know it, we made the climate hot and made the heavy snow fall in this season."

I felt the smell of the rice suddenly.

"The time will come when this delicious odor will be filled on the ground and people will be able to eat rice.
It is impossible to fulfill it if royalism is not abolished."

There was an earthquake off Niigata Prefecture yesterday.
Stone god there told me to let people know the following.

Stone god off Niigata Prefecture who turned into natural gas protest that he is not acknowledged even though he has notified a lot until now.
I wanted to let humanity know it and I asked you to write about it.
From Stone gods of south and north and subconsciousness of the persons who fell victim to the battle."

"I'm the spirit who helped to give the announcement from Stone god to you.
It was a painful event.
I wanted to let people know that the earthquake is caused because Stone gods have something to tell anyway.

(Small and sharp pain was given to my left flank.)

I think that it was bad to have given a sad thought(to families)by causing the earthquake.
What I want people to know the most is that people think and cry about I died because I did not believe Nichiren of Buddhism.
I hate it much and want you to write accuraetly the following thing. 

Nichiren of Buddhism is nothing but the incarnation of energy body of the Ruler's Stars.

I felt uncomfortable in the ear, which told the above contents is true.

Nichiren of Buddhism is also the king of outer galaxy.

The book of butterflies are the same, too.
I told you about butterflies previously.
(It was rlyra star that sent butterflies to the earth and caterpillar do not do anything other than bad.
Butterflies do not want to work with flashy taste.
Caterpillar is written good (in the book of butterfly) because it turns into butterfly but we have to realize that the butterfly give birth to many eggs which again turn into many caterpillars.
The book about The thought of Nichiren of Buddhism and The book of butterfly were born while the author of the book was meditating and the book has been spread there( Niigata Prefecture).

(* The book of Nichiren of Buddhism has been put in the post of the reader.)

As Stone god knows it, the earthquake has kept occuring.


Thank you for your mail.

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