Two sets of twins|Jesus and Muhammad

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Two sets of twins | Jesus and Muhammad@

By Sennari

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July 27, 2007

Two sets of twins,@Jesus and Muhammad, @

After finishing the trip to Europe to study stone statues and masonry, I was very anxious about the matter which I experienced in the plane. .
Although I had been reluctant to open it to public because such events were related to privacy.
However as severe signs have been given to my body continuously, I dare to open it to public.

July 27,2007

I had trouble in getting to sleep because two sets of white twins whom I had seen on my way back from England came to mind.
I felt a strong sign near the wrist of inner right elbow (the first part which I have had signs).

And my tongue started to move and channeling started clearly.

"I would like to tell.
I am the reincarnation of Jesus.
Please don't think the bad guy was born again.
Jesus and Muhammad were the white twins who got along very well together in Atlantis.
We wanted to let you know it anyway and we had consulted with each other and came to be born.
The reason why elder white twins were in Heathrow Airport was that the bad incarnation of the dragon was there.

Elder twins

And it spread Christianity in order to dominate all over the world.
The reason why such infant twins came to Japan is that they came there to apologize as the subconscious minds.

Infant twins

We have to apologize to have helped to dominate people by the religions which were made by the villain.
Both the parents of twins ate apples have the meaning." @

iEating an apple at the airport is ordinary thing.
But an apple circle remains which is impossible in-flight meals has been issued.
They were lifted high with in-flight meals and handed to only the mothers of the twins earlier than other people.

Twins had jarred baby food. )

"You saw the parents of two sets of twins means we want to be friends?
Apples were made by the wisdom of Sirius and we let you know we aspire to peace with the apples.
The reincarnation of Jesus and Muhammad want to ask you to accomplish the peace." @

iDuring the flight, one of the twins had eye contact with me and was laughing but another child with atopic had no eye contact with me even if he was laughing with up, up, and away.
I was wondering the reason of it.)

"(The subconscious mind of)Muhammad had no eye contact with you means I feel sorry as people who believe in Muhammad have the endless disputes.
In addition the word which was told by Muhammad have been conveyed wrong was shown by the red around the mouth(with atopy)."

iHe seemed to feel itchy and he was rubbing his face in her mother many times j

It is said that the word is wrong.
Muhammad taught as follows.
yEye for an eyezmeans@"If you get a beautiful thing to see, please return the ones which look beautiful."
yA tooth for a toothzmeans "If you are given food, please return food for the gift."
It taught we should not hog the things which were given by God..

"Dimpling of cheeks of the twins which you noticed show Atlantis and Mu sank .
Therefore one of the twins with atopy stared you when we said goodbye."

iPlease refer to the pictures.
They were sitting to avoid congestion when we got off the plane.)

jDimpling=The face represents the earth and the dimpling of right cheek show the sinking of Mu.

The existence of Atlantis is expressed in Melasma of the left corner of the eye and the one under the left eye is Eurasia and the one under the right eye is New World.
Those marks are often related to the past life?

"We have finished the role to notify you.
Therefore we will go out of the bodies.
Next the subconscious minds who have lived a mundane lives will change with us."

When I finished writing the contents of channeling, the sign which had been given to my arm and the sign which had been given to my back from the middle of the channeling disappeared.

Thank you for your mail.

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