Meteorite or ufo? 

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 17, 2004

meteorite, ufo?

Dec. 11, 2004

I felt signals in many parts of my body(light pain and itch) but I was too sleepy to get up and slept after I told atoms that I would write down the next day.
I woke up as I had a nightmare which showed I had been working as a nurse but I had been forced to do the job for one day with the left one hour.
Therefore I woke up.

" As I want you to do the job, I made you get up.
Meteorites of Gemini fell to China and Austria.
Bad strong energy came to the earth with Meteorites of Gemini and it was given to the bad people who have the thoughts of Dragon.
It affects all over the world.

(It was a fierce blizzard at the midle of the night.
It sounded like hailing and the thunder with such big sound as I have never heard.
Wind speed was more than 30m.)

Falling of meteorite with bad energy is unpleasant for the earth.
Therefore atoms are warning.
Being able to reveal the shape of the ufo shows such bad energy body has grown up as it can do the bad deed as they had done before 1998."

They say energy body had disappeared now, but those who are given energy do the bad things?

The picture was sent to me from a reader who told me he had found it by chance when he had shot strange shaped cloud.
A small white elliptic thing beside the cloud which was lowering while spitting white smoke was captured in the photo.
I asked many times about it to the atoms from the sky but the answer was "It's ufo".
(The ufo is not the substance but a semi-material thing.
But it is the huge energy body as it can show such a figure. )
As this ufo does the bad things, the atoms from the sky and the robots of Stone gods seem to have made a strange cloud like this in order to protect the photographers.

*As the Ruler's Stars had strong power until 1998, there seemed to be materialized ufos .
However after the Ruler's Stars have gone, the things called ufo are semi-material.
I was told they are so to speak like ghosts and there is no form.
Those ufos are in the state where atoms is not gathered firmly.


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