Rock of Ollantaytambo(six pieces of folding screen) @

By Sennari

When we see the following site, we can't help wondering the greatness of the megalithic civilization.

Rock of Ollantaytambo (six pieces of folding screen)

It is the Archaeological Site of Peruvian Inca empire which thrived from the late 15th century through the 16th century.
A piece of rock is 4 m average height, 2.5 m width are arranged in a horizontal row.
Weight per piece is said to be 80 tons to 50 tons.
This rock of folding screen is being built on top of a hill about 150 meters height.
The place where it is thought to have cut the material is in the mountains on the other side of the river under the hill.
Moreover the place is 330 meters high.
Many huge stone ruins have been left in the Inca Empire and processing technology of them remain mysterious and many of the surface of the stone has been processed very smoothly.
It is near impossible to cut out the rocks of 50 tons or more, and carry them from a distance and build them side-by-side.
It has not been elucidated how ancient people made it without using machine.


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