What Rock of Ollantaytamb (six pieces of folding screen) means 

By Sennari(=Takashi)

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

【Rock of Ollantaytambo(six pieces of folding screen)】

When I was looking at the image of Rock of Ollantaytambo(six pieces of folding screen) I felt the signal in my left pinky and the channeling was started..

"I made it.
I'm the giant who turned into the mountain at the back of Rock of Ollantaytambo.
I made it so that it would express each of the humanity has a way to understand this information(The information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA') .

1) You can find there are six plates of rocks like six pieces of folding screen.
The rock of the left-most has no projection which can be seized by hands and humanity can't climb it.
(It expresses the persons who don't think it is mysterious even when they see mysterious things.
Therefore they can't understand the beings from the sky or Stone gods. )

2) The rock of second from left has the projection on which humanity can put the foot, but the top of the rock is too high from the upper second projection.
Therefore this rock can't be climbed, either.
(It express the persons who think many Archaeological Sites strange, but do not even try to pursue the mystery any more. )

3) The next one has the projection to put the foot on in the lower place but there is no point to put foot on in the above.
Therefore it is impossible to climb, either.
(It expresses the persons who try to pursue the mystery but they leave it without pursuing more as they think it so confusing and they give up pursuing the mystery. )

4) The fourth one has only two projections to put foot on.
Therefore it is difficult to climb, too.
(It expresses the ones who try to investigate to some extent but they find it very difficult to do it.)

5) The fifth plate of the rock has three bulges on the surface of the rock.
It expresses the persons who can climb up to the top by any means and climb up the stairs which can be seen at the top of the last sixth plate.
(It express the persons who can understand the beings from the sky and Stone god.
They can gradually quest the world of subconsciousness.)

The stone work of Sacsayhuaman and Hatunrumiyoc are also impressive.

Images of Sacsayhuaman on parade

The imges of Hatunrumiyoc on parade


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