Why and how the typhoons are made 

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Why and how the typhoons are made

Typhoon occurs when subconsciousness of Stone gods (spiritual body of Sagittarius)gather together and head to Japan.

"At first the princes and princesses of Stone gods who are the subconsciousness of Sagittarius and who are in south gather together and had a consultation with one another.
They decide who will go to Japan.

(All gathered together in case of typhoon No 6.)

As atoms have consciousness Stone gods call out to the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen "Please gather together as we make typhoon."
And Stone god who stands at the beginning start to bolt with the atoms whom Stone gods asked to gather together.
As Stone gods try to go over the top, whirlpools are made.

They ask the information from the Stone gods in Japan and decide the course.
As Awareness of body of Stone gods gather together on the right side of the eye of the typhoon and advance as if they climbed the stairs(?), the eye of typhoon is made on the left side.
Therefore I was told the eye of the typhoon is made on the left side, and both rain and wind get stronger on the right side of the eye of the typhoon.
Wave Rock is the body of the elder of Sagittarius who descended in Australia.
It looks small.

The huge Wave Rock looks small like this.

Aug. 27, 2003

Wave Rock

This is Wave Rock in Australia.
It is said to be the Holy Land of Aborigine.
It is the natural monolithic.
Huge rocks are strewn around it and the holes opens on the top.
I have told early that the giants drilled holes when the body of Stone god was soft and the things which were dug out turned into the rocks.
Therefore it will serve as the proof of Stone gods.

Why did huge holes open in monolithic?
It has not been proved yet.
(According to one theoy, as Aborigines were burning fires, the rock cracked and the crack spread.
However the holes are huge and it have turned into forests.
Therefore I can't understand the hypothesis at all.)

I was told it is the rock by which the elder of Sagittarius taught how to make the high waves.
The prince of Sagittarius, Munoia and the princess of Sagittarius , Yunoia were told to go to Japan to see the queen of Sagittarius, mother of them, who are in Japan by causing the typhoon with high waves.

The elder of Sagittarius taught the prince and princesses of Sagittarius to go to Japan in such the form of big waves like these.
The typhoons are caused as Stone gods like Munoia try to go to Japan in order to see the queen of Sagittarius who turned into Mt. Gozaisyo-dake.
The typhoons also inform that big continent(Mu)existed in the south.
They serve to rain and clean the sea.
The typhoons have consciousness, too.


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