Crop Circle No231〜250 

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth



The beings who made up the earth

The center shows the earth.
The earth now has been made up by the humanity with five fingers and the beings from the sky (Stone gods are included).
The whirlpool=Those who have gone into religions, and who can't go ahead and have to stay in the same places are shown by the whirlpool.
Fine lines and the square =Those who try to ask for something from other than religions but have come to know nothing.
With no decorations= Those who think there is nothing after death.
The outer circle shows 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
Swirl is the same as the pattern of cruel Aztec culture, but it is said why it was the same pattern with Aztec culture, because human now is cruel as the time of the Aztecs.

(I was told they really wanted to draw four fingers but the being who made it made mistakes.)



the Trinity

It means "Let's make the paradise on earth both by the beings from the sky and Stone gods."
The small circles show the robots.
The threefold circles in the center show the beings from the sky( the biggest circle), and Stone gods(the middle sized circle)and humanity(the smallest circle).



Religious people meeting

It is the decorations which was made as the beings from the sky asked to make.
The beings from the sky asked the outer frame to be formed into octagon as it might be rude with only by the square because the square means four foot animals.
Therefore the two squares were coalesced into octagon.
As it looks round at first glance, they seem to get along with one another.
But they will advance toward only religion that they believe in and they come to have no destination at the end.
Those religious people held World Religions Conference for Peace.
It is shown by Crop Circle.



Vega and lyra which got mixed in the connection of the solar system.

The planets of the solar system are protecting the earth and it is shown by spider's web.
However Vega and Lyra infiltrated it pretending mates.
The Crop Circle expresses Vega and Lyra have manipulated human beings in order to dominate the earth.
As the center is opened, outer galaxy is related to the solar system and something unpleasant came to it, is shown by the Crop Circle.

It is the pattern made on July 22.



The explanation of Japanese in the above image

オシラム→bad energy body.
ベガ→Vega(bad star)
リラ→Lyra(bad star)
ス→"The god of Su"(bad being)
宇宙の大元の弟→ Younger brothers of Ohmoto(the central) of the universe. (Bad beings)
宇宙の大元→'The Ohmoto (the central)'in the universe. (good being)
星の宮→Alter ego of the Ohmoto(the central)(good being )
地球→the earth
太陽系の星→planets of The solar system.
名のない星→unnamed stars (good star)

This Crop Circle shows those stars and beings that want to help the earth, tried to advance all together(No.233), but Vega and Lyra deceived them pretending their mates.

According to the first channeler human beings were sent from Lyra.
However it turned out later that Lyra had deceived all cleverly by pretending to be helping the earth.
Vega also deceived all just like Lyra.

The beings that sent Lyra and Vega was the younger brother of 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe.
The younger brother of 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe sent "The god of Su" and denied the work of Hoshinomina(alter ego of the Ohmoto), by which the universe was plunged into chaos.
"The god of Su" tried to manipulate the earth freely by changing the earth into the planet of sand and turn the living creatures into only consciousness(soul).

(Sand=the atoms with no consciousness(soul)which try to make creatures live.)



This pattern shows the eye of the beings from the sky.
The center circle shows where the soul of the person came.
The next bigger circle show the subconscious mind and what the subconscious mind is thinking is found by the beings from the sky.
The next bigger circle show consciousness and the beings from the sky can know what the person is thinking.
The outer circle shows the future of the person (after death).



The explanation of Japanese in the above image

未来の地球→The future earth
星の宮→Alter ego of the Ohmoto(the central)
そのロボット→The unnamed stars and the robots
いて座のイシカミ→Stone god in Sagittarius
今の地球→The earth now
大元→'The Ohmoto (the central)'
初期の地球→The earth in the early days

This Crop Circle shows the mystery has been solved thanks to Mercury, Mars, Sagittarius, unnamed stars and so on , though there were lots of enigmas on the earth.
This pattern forms lying question mark.



Seven circles in the left show religions which insist "you must be like this".
Many circles in the center show named stars in which Big Dipper is included.
Seven circles in the right show the entity which claims the Trinity but their position is shifting a little.
Each was given birth by the Ruler's Stars.
Though the Ruler's Stars was gone now, big named stars have sent energy and bring up bad thoughts.
Each has the energy body which demand to be worshiped and dominate human beings.



This pattern shows planets(Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn)in the solar system have satellites.
The center shows 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe.



The pattern with more whirlpools show 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe and the one with less whirlpool show Hoshinomina(alter ego of the Ohmoto) which is one part of 'The Ohmoto (the central)'.
Some part of each whirlpool look infested show they have been attacked in the world of subconscious.
It also shows that the information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' have been attacked in other bulletin boards in reality.



'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe is also the Trinity(?).



The pattern of circles that are crossed show Hoshinomina(alter ego of the Ohmoto) has returned to 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe.



It is what you want to know.
It is the obedient pattern.
We, girls of Stone gods made it. 
It means human beings are born again after death. 

(Some can become the stars in the universe.)

1)The inner circles shows the human body.
2)It shows soul which is the energy to live.
3)They are subconscious and they stick to one another.
4)They go to the center and have consultations.
5)The fine lines are looking at them.
6)They return to the new body with the memory.
7)Therefore someone remember the memory of the past life.
8)The outer big circle shows the earth and the above events are implemented only within it.



The fine lines= unnamed stars
Below it =Stone gods
Below it= the earth
The short fine lines =The robots of the beings from the sky descend to the earth and are looking.



It shows the situation before the robots of the beings from the sky descended to the earth.



Though the knowledge of human beings seems to have developed much, all have developed by being deviated a little from conviction.
As the most important knowledge is missing(the knowledge about the invisible world), all the knowledge are not connected with one another though they look connected with one another in reality.

This pattern shows that every abnormality of creature, abnormal weather, Crop Circles are connected with one another.



Those who are about to understand the information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' gather together with the knowledge of the Trinity in the center circle.
However the center circle is surrounded strictly by the human beings who don't understand the Trinity.
(Crop Circle which was introduced previously criticized that the square shows four foot animals.
(Please refer to the Crop Circle No 209 )



It shows the way along which universe advances.
The big part at the bottom show 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe.
The upper smaller part of it shows the way of Hoshinomina(alter ego of the Ohmoto) , the next one is the queen of Sagittarius and the next is Stone gods.
Small circles on both sides show unnamed stars.
They are working hard for the earth.



This pattern shows subconscious of big stars (Pleiades) which had been  dominated the earth was disassenbled by the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'. 
As the pointed horns are being protected by the sun and the moon, human beings don't have to worry any more.



The center circle shows the earth and the outer circle shows the beings from the sky(unnamed stars) 
The human beings on the earth still don't acknowledge the beings from the sky and they feel a sense of intense hostility.
(Does it mean writing in the bulletin board attacked The information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'?)
The black and white in the center circle show reality and subconscious.


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