Te・o・ti・hu・a・can 6--10 

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 30, 2013

Te・o・ti・hu・a・can 6

It is the top of Temple of the Moon.
A square eye and a closed eye are faintly visible.

June 60, 2013

Te・o・ti・hu・a・can  7

It is the top of Temple of the Moon.
It looks like the naural rocky mountain.

June 30, 2013

Te・o・ti・hu・a・can 8

The passage is seen from the top of Temple of the Moon.
There is Towers of the Sun on the left side of the destination of the passage.
The meaning of this square stone masonry which you can see below from the top of Temple of the Moon has not be known now but the stone further ahead is shown in the image of Te・o・ti・hu・a・can 10.

【Postscript on July 1, 2013 】
Surprisingly my mouth moved and told this square ruins seen below from the top of Temple of the Moon has the mechanism by which the heart is made.
The ruins divided in half in the middle, seems to represent the heart.
In addition Temple of the Moon seems to correspond to left atrium and Temple of the Sun seems to correspond to right atrium.
The small Temples(?) on both side represent the function of the lung(?).

June 30, 2013

Te・o・ti・hu・a・can 9

When people get down from the top of Temple of the Moon, they find the width of the stage is narrow and the tilt of the steps are so steep.
If they have to repair Mexican ruins later years, they put pebbles between the stones.
Therefore this ruins shows it was repaired later years.
This stairs have been made so that they would be easy for humanity to step up, as pebbles have been put between them.
However it might not be the stairs originally(?).
It might be used by Stone men with wings?

June 30, 2013

Te・o・ti・hu・a・can 10

I was surprised to find seedlings of wheat and green beans at the feet of the rock.
Though someone might plant them, they are showing Stone god turned into food with his cute mouth opened.


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