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Atlantis | Vision @

By Sennari(=Takashi)

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 17, 2002

Atlantis b@Vision

My tongue started to move and told as follows.@

"Let me tell about Atlantis.
Atlantis people were@always praying to Stone gods.@
There had been a lot of Stone gods there before Atlantis sank.
Stone gods supported Atlantis people who were the descendants of Stone gods.
Why did Stone gods come to stop supporting Atlantis people?
Because Atlantis people got haughty and came to think they are the greatest.@
Moreover the Ruler's Stars descended to try to experience the wonderful human life on Earth.
Evolved human beings had been increasing by the time.
However Atlantis people came to rule lower classes of them.
Three classes were made in Atlantis.
They were Atlantis people, humans, and android .
Androids with the most underlying spirits died with resentment, because they were dominated by overwork.
The population of androids with a grudge grew explosively, and they decided to move to the southern continent Remunoia.
Stone gods had been completely forgotten at that time."


"Toy blocks are linked and formed a major form."

The meaning of it is

"It is the favorite thing of Stone gods"

The answer is

"People who believe in this information work together."

iDoes it mean someone called in the bulletin board, "Please try to go to Hoshinomina shrine together"?)


"A small trophy in the upper left corner of the lips is seen"

The meaning of it is

"The story of stars which told about Stone gods is going to come out by being transmitted with the word of mouths now."

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