Mayapan(Ayapan) 1--5 | Rest area in the jungle 

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 30, 2013

Mayapan(Ayapan) 1

It is the stone pagoda which look-alike the ruins in Mediterranean and Europe.

June 30, 2013

Mayapan(Ayapan) 2

As pebbles are not put in between stones, is it the figure as it used to be?
There are rectangle things (=they represent Sirius)here and there.
They were used to be huge Stone men?
The Stone men there seem to hate to be called Mayapan.
They asked me through the channeling to call the ruins Ayapan.

June 60, 2013

Mayapan(Ayapan) 3


Mayapan(Ayapan) 4

June 30, 2013

Mayapan(Ayapan) 5

June 30, 2013

Rest area in the jungle

It is the stele which I found on the way to Ayapan.
The bus stalled out on the way and I found it.
It is the stone column which is mistaken for a male genitalia.
The stone column is Stone man.


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