The mystery about the ruins of the world

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The mystery about the ruins of the world

By Sennari(=Takashi)

This info is from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

The people of the site of Let's solve the enigma of the earth made NPO and continue to work to send stationery to the poor regions of the world.

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The mystery about the relics of the world

As world Heritage came to be taken up at the TVMedia, attention has been paid to the various ruins around the world.
Owing to the further spread of the Internet, researchers, photographers and travelers can now put photos of the ruins on the website.
Therefore we can see the ruins which can't be seen even on the tour guide until now.
There are many ruins which can't be made even with modern technology and machinery among those ruins.
The typical one would be Egyptian pyramids.
If you actually see the pyramids, you will be surprised at the size of the each stone and the steep slope.
However, if a professor at the university say in front of the pyramids, "This is man-made" TV programs are made based on his remark, and people will not mention any more to the theory of man-made.

If pyramids had been man-made , something similar must have been made one after another.
However the construction of a huge pyramid has stopped some time as a boundary.

The 12 pillars of 23m height, 15m high pillar of 122 pillars has been built in the temple of Karnak in Egypt.
Moreover the 30m high obelisk has been built.
There are pillars of the thickness, which are said to be eight people with open arms are needed to round the pillars.
Paintings and hieroglyphs are carved on each of them.
There is no roof over the pillars.
No roof seems to have been remained around the pillars.
Therefore the pillars seems not to have been built in order to support the roof.
These are also the BC-era buildings which were made in the era when no machines existed.
Cutting out of giant stone, transportation and stacking by accurate survey is needed to build those buildings.
Moreover the technology to ensure that the pillar would not fall was also needed.
Where have those technologies disappeared with those people who built them?

Human statues are standing on the 135 spires in the Duomo cathedral in Milan, Italy.

It seems to have been made in the 11th century when there were no machines.
If you attached statues of men on top of the towers they must have fallen over the years to come.
However they have remained the original figures until today.
The pyramids were built in the age without heavy equipments and with much less population.
Moreover ruins have remained all over the world such as pillars with no roof, amphitheater, and the aqueduct .
"The Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth" would like to provide information on the point of view which tell what they are showing rather than a single point of view which insists they were made by humans.

What remains tell.

Ruins tell some beings had existed before humans existed on this planet.
Those beings brought humans up and made humans live independently.
Moreover they are watching humans even today.
As humans are susceptible to vision, those beings which had made up the earth decided to leave ruins as the evidence that show they had been there.
They had made the ruins which were impossible to make for humans in the size and sophistication.
However, humans have claimed every ruin including pyramids were made by humans.
Moreover humans associated ruins with religions and they have been pressing the convenient interpretation of their own.
It was the influence of the Ruler's Stars which prefer to fight.
Those Stars wanted to conceal how the universe was originated .
Moreover they wanted to rob the initiative from those who had created the earth.
That is why they wanted to dominate the humans.
Atoms with the subconscious mind that had created the Earth could talk with atoms , could send the instructions and could change into any thing.
Those are the things called relics or ruins today.
They turned into stones, stone pillars, stone buildings, wooden buildings, bell-shaped bronze vessels of the Yayoi period in Japan, clay images or various things.
In addition they turned into mosaics or pictures.
Stone statues of humanoid types in Europe and etc and wooden statues in Japan and etc were moving at first as their coupling of atoms were loose.

They led and took care of humans.
When we realize human beings are made up of atoms with the subconscious mind from the beginning of the universe and any humans are brothers, we are able to feel the joy that were born as human beings without any fighting.

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