Big Stone men | Small Stone men | The pyramids in Yucatan Peninsula  

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 5, 2013

Big Stone men

You can find how big they are compared with humanity.

July 5, 2013

Small Stone men

National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)

There seems to have been many various shaped small Stone men here, too.

July 5, 2013

The pyramids in Yucatan Peninsula

These spots represent the pyramids in Yucatan Peninsula.
I saw a vision like white tent before visiting Mexico.
The beings from the sky seems to have known I would see this and let me see the vision.
There are lots of pyramids in Yucatan Peninsula as they are shown in this photo.
There seems to be more pyramids in the jungle and they say lots of ruins have been buried in the underground of Mexico City.

The following site reports new Mayan ruins were found in Eastern Mexico.
Fifteen pyramids were found, too.


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