The cloud like a slope  | Abnormal cold wave | Various warning 

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 15, 2005

The cloud like a slope  | Abnormal cold wave | Various warning

The fault cloud which looks like gentle slope has been seen since the other day.
According to the channeling info, it represents 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' and the earth has been connected with each other and the situation of the earth is going to be better even though the change is slow.
I was told the cloud shown in the below site was made by Mt. Teine in Japan.
The cloud was captured on Dec. 5 and 7 by other person.
The other photo taken on Dec. 14 and 15 in Sapporo, in Japan show the right side( = east side)of the fault cloud is lifted.

At 21:30, Dec. 15, 2005

I felt intense signal at midriff for the first time in a long time.
The channeling told me as follows.

"Please don't forget that you are the only one on the earth who is connected with the beings from the sky.
Are you only looking at the death of the earth is approaching every moment without doing anything?
Earth will be led to a complete death if humanity keep the same situation.

(The comment of channeling which claimed that I had done nothing is incorrect.
I'm preparing to publish a book with much effort.
It will manage to be completed this year. )

"As I guessed the publication of the book which summarizes the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' won't be completed this year, I gave you intense signal."
Lots of the beings from the sky have descended to the earth.
They have watched the situation of the earth seriously and found that humanity have been dominated by the vicious subconsciousness of reptile.
Therefore stars inform it with clouds like fault clouds.
They inform by resorting to any kind of natural phenomena."

<Australia >Proliferation of 650 billion flies     The cause of it is intense heat?

I was told proliferation of flies have been caused because Aborigine have concealed Stone gods and worship the snake as god.
Therefore the subconsciousness of Aborigine called for help.
Though Aborigine worship the snake as god by consciousness, their subconsciousness know the snake is the hateful being.
The abnormal coldwave have been reported from not only from Japan but also from Europe and North America.

Though the following was told me on Nov. 11, 2005, I was told to inform it again.
The domination to the human by the Ruler's Stars has become more and more terrible and it has got meaningless to inform from the beings from the sky.
Therefore they have stopped informing.

It appears fault clouds have turned up every day and seems to have warned the earthquakes.
(There happened nine earthquakes of more than M5 among which there happened four earthquakes of more than M6 during within three days of Dec.11.12,13 in the world.)
Though the warning to tell the earth is dying was previously given, I have refrained from opening it to public because I thought it might give people anxiety.
However I thought I couldn't ignore the warning when I saw the TV program showing the giant jellyfish surrounding Japanese archipelago.
In addition unusual abundance of orb have been reported from here and there.
It shows energy body of religion come together and has dominated the human by exhaustively covering the earth.
The human race have been made to fight by energy body of religions.

【The warning of giant jellyfish 】

The figure of jellyfish show the one of Stone god who made the earth by descending from the universe.
I thought the ecology of jellyfish is just the same as the information about Stone gods given to me.
That means the polyp is made by the egg of jellyfish, which stick to the rock, and begin to walk on the rock.
The polyp is born again from the footprints of it.
Then the polyp grow and the constriction is made on the polyp whose shape beccome like the overlapped dishes.
The dish become the child of jellyfish and as it grow big, they say the number of jellyfish increase explosively.
The ecology of jellyfish is just like the one of Stone gods, because the organization of Stone gods multiply by turning into alter egos, giants and Stone men.
The corpse of them turned into the mountains, mounds, the giant keyhole-shaped mound, stone chambers, or fertile land.
The ecology of jellyfish is just the same as the one of Stone gods which I have told until now.
Stone gods who descended to the sea became the algae by decomposition.
The jellyfish also shows us the earth became the planet where creature can live by those processes.
Those creatures like fish were made as the silicon of Stone gods changed to them in order to become the human food.
However people ignore completely the information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' which tells it.
Therefore Stone god wanted to stop turning into fish, and jellyfish began to clean the sea by eating up the plankton, I was told.
The number of jellyfish will never get less without understanding it , though people are apt to think jellyfish are bad creatures and only try to get rid of them.
Lots of giant jellyfish have completely surrounded Japanese archipelago this year.
Though they were born in Sea of Japan at first, they have come to Pacific Ocean coast this year.

The earth has been dominated by the energy body of the Ruler's Stars has been shown by the appearance of abnormal number of orbs which have been reported here and there and it is also shown by the proliferation of the number of jellyfish.
Though human race have been taught in this plain phenomenon, they are looking at only problems of global warming.
Unfortunately they do not try to see at all why creatures have occurred.
Therefore Stone gods are warning by abnormal proliferation of jellyfish.
In addition more stringent notice has continued now.

【The connected jellyfish】

Previously I was told Stone god descended to the earth like jellyfish.
They say jellyfish which were connected as long as three meters were born and found in order to prove how Stone god alighted to the earth.
The story of the universe

That means the earth is going to be flat from now on because the earth has been dead and can't keep the sphere shape.
I thought that it is just the same with the phenomena when the egg gets old, yolk of it gets flatten.
I think abnormal weather is telling it.
Yesterday I could not type the characters on PC as I was told I didn't have to notify.
However I could type without abnormal today, which may represent the beings from the sky want to inform humanity at least this one.
I have sometimes had the message from the subconsciousness of the earth telling that the earth is dying until now.
However I can't take contact with the subconsciousness of the earth at all now.

"It makes a big sense to the parade of dragons in Tokyo, too."

【Domination of dragon】

As such hateful beings like dragons are dominating all over the earth, every tragic incident or disaster has been repeated.
Some sites write clearly that dragon is the incarnation of Avalokitesvara.
The information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' also tells the true figure of Avalokitesvara is dragon.
Those sites which worship Avalokitesvara should know it well.
The dragon will turn up in the drama of NHK of next year.
It means dragons have conquered mass media.
The dragon will turn up in the next work of famous film director, Hayao Miyazaki.
When it is completed, more chaotic situation will be expected to be brought about in the world.
I was told through the channeling that all the earth has been dominated by the Dragon and the subconsciousness of the reptile sent by Ruler's Stars and the earth has died.
What I was told through the channeling seems to be true.


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