Stalin and the Emperor of Showa @

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

The word "to play the role of notice" often turn up in The information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
The meaning of it was unclear but I came to know it well when I read the contents of this page.

It sometimes rains at the earthquake-stricken area and affected residents have to bear the hard situation.
Though those affected residents have miserable experience, they have the role "to play the role of notice"@ and they are welcomed in the world of subconsciousness after they experience those pain in this world.
The long and short of it, the pain of "war" is more miserable than the rain after the earthquake is conveyed by the experience at the disaster area.

The title of this page is "Stalin and the Emperor of Showa".
However even a single line is not written about the Emperor of Showa.
I thought why it is not written about the Emperor of Showa.
It may just possibly both Stalin and the Emperor of Showa did the same act by which they afflicted common people by making a war.

Oct. 56, 2004

Stalin and the Emperor of Showa

I saw the news telling that it rains at disaster area and it is getting cold there.
I asked 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' to let people in the disaster area can live in peace as soon as possible.
There is the cloud which looks like the face of Stalin at the lower right of the photo below.
Stone god told me as follows.

"This cloud was made by the beings from the sky for Stone god who is getting angry at figure of the reincarnation of Stalin who is monopolizing the oil in Russia.
Please let people know about it.
It is related with the fact that cold air is surging.
I want you to know about Stalin who was the nemesis of Stone gods.
Many people were suffered by him.
Most of the absolute authority like Stalin grow beards, drove lots of people to war, and plunged them into the depths of suffering.
Now people in the disaster area are kind enough to show the pain in the war.
People in war era were forced into much more painful lives.
People in the disaster area are kind enough "to play the role of notice".
However some of them are hurrying to go to the world of subconsciousness as their lives in this world is too harsh and want to have another differet life in the afterlife.

Some of Stone gods turned into the oil.
I'd like humanity to know it.
Stone gods didn't chang into the oil in order to let only a part of humanity make a luxury.
In addition the area on the earth is limited.
Whose permission did a part of people who occupy a vast area, get?
It was Stone gods that made the boiling earth into the planet which was suitable for human living.
We Stone gods can't bear the humanity who refuse to admit it."

The death mask of Stalin


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