Until atom-boy is born from the light---The experience of a child.  

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 22, 2013

Until atom-boy is born from the light--- The experience of a child.

"I'm a housewife with two childeren.
I've realized everything has thoughts, which is told in the Let's solve the enigma of the earth since about ten years ago.
Although I thought such an idea is not readily accepted in the study of so-called school, I came to have a hope everyone can understand it even though it may be by degrees, when I saw the dialogue between Professor Yamada and the students who are studying quantum mechanics at Ritsumeikan University.
Let me introduce the opportunity I have realized that there is consciousness in all objects.
The following is the experience of my daughter and myself.
According to my daughter, she is able to see the lights which are moving on the flat wall or the floor of the house or the school.
They are usually spherical or shaped like sausages of the ellipse of about 2 × 5 centimeters.
They are the lights that can be seen through.
There usually seems to have 2 moving patterns.
One of them spin around as if it drew a round circle.
Another is that it is moving while rhythmically shining and shifting the place little by little to the uncertainty.
For example, I was told by my daughter it is spinning in the mixed color of orange, red and pink in the lavatory of the house, dark orange beside the oven in the kitchen, black in the living room, blue in the bedroom and always white in the inner room which is not usually used.
The color of the lights seems to be related with the nature of the human.
Though she doesn't know the fixed law, she feels white and blue are gentle and cool, red and yellow are aggressive, black is naughty and rough.
The cozy room for each color seems to be decided naturally and it usually stays in the same place and seldom goes to the different room.
Black light enjoys seeing people contend and humanity are apt to contend and suffer adverse effect when it stays near them.
There seems to be a bad influence extra when it flashes because flashing sign is given for attracting bad mates and it has the same meaning juvenile delinquent collect the fellow.
I think war and strife in the world are also related to this phenomenon.
As I came to warn black light not to flash after I was told about it by my daughter, it stayed quiet but it left home too soon as it might feel not well in the house.
When my daughter told black light to quit a bad idea somehow, it told my daughter it would like to turn into the useful things which humanity like, such as apples or the parts of the car then.
But it said to my daughter that it may be difficult to turn into the useful things as the color of it is black.
The lights of the colors understand well if humanity praise them and seem to be praised.
However humanity must be careful not to praise them too much because they are apt to go out of control when they are praised too much.
I think it is hard for the black to turn into the useful things because black has the strong negative thought like violence and mischief and it is necessary for it to change the way of thinking a lot.
Incidentally as white and blue are very calm and cool, they have the character which warn and teach the black as if it were like the character of elder sister.
However they usually don't approach each other, because they have an irreconcilable idea.
Each light has its thought and when my daughter pay attention to it, its thought seems to be conveyed to her.
My daughter has happened to see the invisible beings whose size is two or three centimeters since one year ago.
They have clearer personality than lights and have complex thoughts and move freely.
They sometimes support humanity while staying beside humanity or protect the place in the house or the location.
They are very curious and become interested in various things.
They seem to operate with various shapes and roles.
The being which stays beside my daughter have the ears of hare and mine looks-alike animation character, Oba-Q who has three hair on the head.
My son's has two antennas.
Each seems to ride on a very small vehicle which looks like ufo of single-seater.
The reason why they have various shapes are that they want to be their own shapes.
The humanity and the being who stays beside the humanity seem to have the similar personality.
We call the being of the topic "Atom-boy".
Atom-boy of mine seems not to care about the appearance.
I was told she has three hair on the head like animation character, Oba-Q and she is a girl.
Atom-boy seems to grow along with the growth of human.
Atom-girl of mine has come to have four hair recently and she is very glad as she thinks she could have approached the humanity though Atom-girl originally has no hair .
If you think so, you can consent that Atom-boy of my daughter is like hare-type because she likes character goods and stuffed animals and the Atom-boy of my son who always likes the newest information has antennas on the head.
Each Atom-boy ride on the vehicle like ufo and he follows the car while coming in or going out of it when humans move in the car.
There are other type Atom-boys who don't stay beside humans but they ride on snails or ladybirds and move slowly.
Those Atom-boys live leisurely.
I have seen the Atom-boy which was spinning like the fan with four square feather fan and looked-alike artificial satellite.
I have also seen transparent jerry-like chunks which was moving slowly in the air.
According to my daughter the artificial satellite-like Atom-boy is the one which protect the house.
The transparent jerry-like thing seems to be in the state before the being with consciousness is going to form a certain shape by gathering like Atom-boys.
I imagine there may be a number of presence with consciousness that are not visible in the air.
Those beings with consciousness gather together to the more clearly consciousness and personality when the beings with the same consciousness gather together.
Moreover as Atom-boys can transmit through the object, they come into the mouth and go out of the cheek when we are sleeping.
They sometimes seem to explore in our body but they don't enter the digestive organ under the neck with caution because they don't know what they will become in the digestive organ.
They are not necessarily stay beside all the humanity.
I was told they stay beside those people whom they think to fit to them and support them with their own will.
They say more children have those Atom-boys near them than adults as adults don't believe in the invisible things but children don't know the reason with a purity which Atom-boys like.
When my daughter saw the annoucer of TV, she said "There is Atom-boys beside him."
"He is the Atom-boy who is good at public speaking."
The annoucer seems to get the support without knowing it.
When my daughter was able to remember what she forgot carelessly, she often gave thanks for Atom-boy had helped.
When we sometimes choose good way unconsciously, there seems to be cases Atom-boy helps us with inspiration.

☆According to my daughter, when hundreds of lights gather together, they turn into Atom-boy, and when hundreds of Atom-boys or thousands of Atom-boys gather together, the material which you can see or you touch is formed.
Previously she told ten lights turn into Atom-boys, and ten Atom-boys turn into the material.
However she told it was a misunderstanding of her.
She has corrected the number from ten to hundreds recently.
I think Atom-boy is similar to the thing called atom which is the presence before becoming substance.
Judging from my daughter, lights may be similar to photon which is the smallest unit for forming substance before becoming Atom-boys.
Though many Atom-boys want to help humanity as hard as possible, they feel lonely as they are not understood by humanity.
They sometimes want to be humanity and want to have experience like humanity.
As each cell of our body and each organ of humanity has the same thoughts and roles, they are the aggregation of Atom-boys.
Therefore they need too much energy to form the human body.
When I understood it, I realized again the gratitude to be alive as a human being.
Lights told they want to be helpful to humanity.
It is very important humanity should notice there are such beings which have consciousness.
We should realize the cause of tragedies which are taking place in the world because lights and Atom-boys have various personalities and not all of them are good.
Some of them may cause the troubles.
They are exactly similar to humanity.
Human have made the religions which worship invisible presence.
In that case, we can imagine easily that invisible lights and Atom-boys which like to be worshiped gather together and dominate humanity amused and do evil deeds to humanity.
However many people have not realized it, I think.

The lights in the lavatory of my house may be lookig at the mates which have finished their roles as they had become the food eaten by humanity.
Old cells which have finished their roles may return to the atoms there.
As I was told in The information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA', I make it a rule to give thanks to even the excrement in the lavatory.
I usually say good-by and add “Thank you for your good work.
Please take a rest leisurely.
Please turn into other substance or have another experience after turning into the human cell."
My daughter always seems to say,"Bye-bye.
Please turn into delicious things again."

The song titled 'The god in the lavatory' got popular in Japan previously.
We should give thanks to the atoms in the lavatory which have finished their work without thinking they are dirty and should clean the lavatory.
If we give thanks to atoms in the lavatory they will be very glad.
When we think so, it is just the same with the garbages which have been used a lot and are going to be discarded.

I don't know why my daughter can see such beings.
However I always read the site of and wonder if everything has consciousness, and think what does it mean specifically.
Therefore photon and atoms may got kind enough to show their presence through my daughter.
Though the way of thinking that substance has consciousness seems not to be admitted in the world of science, in the world of quantum physics, there is a view we should think substance has consciousness.

The basic way of thinking of The information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' is atoms have consciousness.
Therefore the beings from the sky seems to have shown clearly to the child that consciousness and lights turned up before atoms were born.
However it is not good to regard such a girl that can see Atom-boys as the special child who has the unusual talent.
Therefore I make it a rule to advise the parents of the children of such unusual talent who can see Atom-boys to keep the story inside their family and bring them up as ordinary children.
Many children experience the invisible world and such parent-child dialogue as told in this mail may lead to the elucidation of the mystery.
However I have to repeat that bad effect will be born if we regard those children who can see invisible beings as the ones with special and valuable ability.
If we regard it as the special matter, energy body which want to be worshiped tries to haunt the child.
We have to know there are many energy body which want to be worshiped.
When someone is worshiped, those bad energy body gather together around him at once.
That's why people who are worshiped can't see the happy lives in their end of their lives.
You can understand it if you see the people in the entertainment world.
Almost all the people in the entertainment world will die a miserable death after they are worshiped while young. 
It is the same with political world, sports world and religious world. 
Guru in the religious world is worshiped especially.
How terrifying !
Many bad energy body cover gurus when they are worshiped.
If you are worshiped now, you have to be prepared to die a miserable death.
Nothing is more important than to live a mediocre life.
The great people in the subconsciousness world usually live a mediocre life in this world.
Therefore I usually ask the parents of those children of unusual talent to bring them up more strictly than the ordinary children.
Today the domination of Pleiades against humanity has spread and girls are apt to be brought up to be selfish.
Therefore I always warn against it.

By Miss Taeko Shiraki


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