The dialogue with Atom-boy No2 

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

This is the continuation of Until atom-boy is born from the light---The experience of a child..

June 26, 2013

The dialogue with Atom-boy No2

One of the readers of my site reported the pleasant conversation between mother and her children who can see light and Atom-boy.
As is told in the report, it seems to become easy to live when we find the substance has consciousness and every event which occurs in our lives has the meaning.

The conversation among my family at the time of dinner.

I'd like to report our conversation among my son, daugher and myself , as it was interesting.
It was the conversation of our dinner time.
The TV program, Doraemon started during supper.

Me"Stop eating while watching television."

Daughter" I will eat all even if I may eat while watching television."

She kept eating while watching television in the long run.
When we saw Doraemon pamper Nobita I said.

Me"Useless human is made in such a way."

Daughter"It's interesting, though I know it."
(She is laughing while watching television.)

Me"Doraemon feels good, make a hasty action and do evil deeds to humanity as all people think it interesting like you."

Daughter" I think that's OK as it is interesting."
The daughter who was watching TV said so but she dropped the dish containing the simmered fish and broke the dish after a while.

Me"I tell you you must not watch TV while taking a meal."


I cleaned the floor with a vacuum cleaner.
I found lots of fine debris of the dish is attached to the fish.

Me"Oh, no!  Fish can't be eaten."

Son"Atom-boys of the fish will get angry."

Me"You have to apologize properly to Atom-boy of the fish as I discard it."
"You also have to apologize to Atom-boy of the dish."


She stayed still without moving with the dish and the fish for a while.

Daughter"Mom, Atom-boy of the fish asked me why I discard him."

Me"It's dangerous to eat fish together with the debris of the dish."

Atom-boy"Why is it dangerous to eat with the debris of the dish?"

Me"I'm sorry as humanity may get hurt when debris enters the stomach."

" Atom-boy" All right. Well, I found."
My daughter told me what Atom-boy said.
I said "The dish costed as expensive as \450." when the dish was broken.
Atom-boy of the dish heard what I said and replied.

Atom-boy "\ 450 does not matter."
"Well, but it is OK as I want to be another thing after I am born again."

Daughter" What do you want to be after you are born again?"

Atom-boy"Plain bread."

My daughter interpreted me what Atom-boy told.

The dish seemed to know well that my family eat plain bread every morning.
Then my daughter got suddenly anxious about the open in the kitchen which we have not opened for about ten years.
She asked me what is in it.
We opened it and found the old type of filter which can't be used now.
It must have been waiting long to change into another thing.
We said "Too sorry." to it and decided to put it waste so that it can change into another thing after it turn into the atoms. 
I had the impression that we are not alone even though we may feel lonely as there are lots of Atom-boys around us.

Daughter" What do you think the easiest thing to which Atom-boy will be born again?"

Me"I'm not sure."

Daughter"It must be air. There are a lot of air around us."

Me"I see. Even though we can't see the air, there is no difference to their presence."

Daughter" That's right."

She said it with a smile.
I was surprised to have such a talk as I was able to have this kind of conversation about objects have consciousness.
Our life became more and more pleasant as we found we can talk with Atom-boy.
However both daughter and I think again that we should be careful not to go out of control even though we have found my daughter can talk with Atom-boy.

The explanation of Doraemon

Doraemon is blue robot like a cat.
He came from 22nd century.
He lives with Nobita to help him.
Nobita always receives a zero on the examination.
Doraemon likes Dorayaki so much.
Doraemon hates a mouse so much because he was once injured his ear by a mouse.
Doraemon has four demensional poket and he has many great devices in his pocket.
He has a sister, her name is Dorami-chan.
She is so cute.


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