Happy New year!! 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Jan. 5, 2006

Happy New year!

Happy New year!

(I can't write other words besides this text. )

I've visited ruins of Rome from the end of the year.
Now ruins in Rome can be seen in an entirely different way than a few decades ago, as I came to know this information.
I was informed the unexpected things from the subconscious mind of ruins this time.
They say ruins turn up anywhere in Rome when people dig down the soil.
There are many ruins even though we count already dug ones.
The walls of them are very thick and there are pebbles inside of them.
The outside part of them are made of thin and small bricks.
Some of the semicircle windows(?) of the building form the arches or the square and they are made of bricks.
People find astronomical number of bricks are used for the buildings comprehensively.
Each brick had to be piled up after being baked.
Though soil and wood must have been needed for making bricks, no traces of the places for burning the bricks have not been found.
I can't help thinking why small humans needed to make huge buildings with bricks?
There are countless stone pillars of huge marble here and there.
When you look at them actually, you may think it can't possibly be made by humanity.
Some say Roman Empire had huge power, but the population there in those days must have been very small.
Even though we might suppose there were big population, it must have been impossible to supply the food to the big population.
Some insist forcedly tens of thousands of people lived in that barren Easter Island, too .
It must be the armchair theory, when we consider people needed the food.

I woke up at night as I felt acute pain in the middle finger on Jan.2, 2006.
It seems to have been the signal to make me wake up, because I felt no more pain in that finger after that.

"I'm Sirius.
I came here to help your job for summarizing the information gathered until now.
Stone gods descended to the earth from Sagittarius about 10,000 years ago in order to solidify the earth.
They soon did a great joy for generating the creatures.
Sirius who saw it, descended to the earth to support Stone gods.
They held a big meeting in the universe to create the humans that can understand who made humanity.
Sirius told Stone gods to make and leave the parts of human bodies by rocks on the earth.

(The figure of the parts of human body have been left as strange rocks in many places on the earth. Please refer to the link.)

It is the true story.
As atoms in the universe were glad because they thought they could experience the real world.
They had been tired of living in the imaginary world.
The Stone gods of Sagittarius did the work to help it.
Therefore all kinds of creatures were born on the earth.
Humanity did not occur at a time.
Sirius and Stone gods had a full consultation with each other and planned to make humanity by making them evolve.
They made it a rule to inform the blueprint of humanity to the atoms.
Therefore rock arts were drawn in order to let the atoms know how to become humanity.
Atoms gathered together and humanity occurred.
There were too many atoms which wanted to become humanity because atoms had been too tired of living in the imaginary world.
The number of humanity came to increase because Stone gods descended in many places on the earth and made the stone circles and stone chambers for making humanity.
Stone men who came out of Stone gods gave food to humanity and took care of them.
Stone men put humanity in the bath (like Baths of Caracalla),too in order to warm humanity.

(It seems to have become the legend of Garden of Eden.)

However food became less as the number of humanity grew bigger and strives began to take place.
Stone men who lived only on the juice began to fight, too when they saw the strives among humanity.
The number of humanity grew bigger and humanity have always fought even after Stone gods have gone.
Atoms which turned into humanity at first wanted to enjoy the human experience which can feel five senses.
Therefore they made the real world, not the world of fantasy.
This information is given to you so that you can realize it."


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