The Turkish story of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA

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The Turkish story of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA

By Takashii

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

August 11,2006

The Turkish story of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA

The following is written by the reader of Let's solve the enigma of the earth and to which supplement was given.

Let me tell about Turkey.

Huge ancient structures are dotted on the Mediterranean coast and those are what has changed from the bodies of Stone gods or giants.

Pantheon in Rome
Castle in Elche

The castle is said to have been built in order to avoid enemy attacks.
However was it really possible to build such a building on the steep mountain by the human power?

According to the information from the universe(the SKY), the atoms of Stone gods turned into those buildings with the objective.

The town is lined with souvenir shops, which look like small toys.
Castle in Elche

There is an old castle which is likely to come out in fairy tale on top of the steep cliff.

It was Turkish Stone gods that turned into such buildings at first.
Then Stone gods in Greece, Rome and the other regions imitated them and changed into a variety of stone buildings.
Buildings and so on in which human beings were able to live were formed under the guidance of Sirius.
They were not made by humans but atoms of the body of Stone gods turned into those buildings.
Stone gods on Mediterranean coast changed into those buildings because they wanted to be noticed by the posterity of humans after they died.
You may understand why such huge buildings existed in the ancient times by this description.
In addition Stone gods created a lot of Stone humans.
Cappadocia was originally named Katsu-pa-to-ki.
"Katsu" means to win in Japanese.
"Pa" means equality, because Pa is represented "" by the Japanese Katakana word and the flat shape of "" especially corresponds to equality.
"To" means tomo=friend and "ki" means record.
That means "It is the place which records the equal society always win."
(Acoording to the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, the first characters were made in Japan.yby Takashiz)

They left a lot of strange shaped rocks which they intended to serve as the landmark.
Some of them are shaped like mushrooms which represented Stone gods had brains and semicircle rocks which represented alter egos of Stone gods.
However humans gradually were made to forget the existence of Stone gods and the true meaning of those rocks by the plot of the Ruler's Stars.
The reason why there have remained a lot of basements in Cappadocia is some parts of atoms which formed the body of Stone gods exited from them and turned into Stone humans.
When they went out of the basements as Stone humans, they put the big round stone as the door of the basements, which meant they should not forget Sagittarius .
The door could not be opened from outside, which meant once Stone humans came out of the basements they could never return to the basements.

Those Stone humans were Angels which had various shapes from big humans to only head with small wings.
The reason why they turned into Stone humans with wings was that Stone humans had good times in Atlantis and Mediterranean but the Ruler's Stars started to say a mean.
They complained only Sirius and Sagittarius monopolized the earth.
Sirius taught all the buildings and Aqueducts to Stone gods and cooperated with them in order to leave those objects.
The Ruler's Stars were jealous about it.
Therefore the Ruler's Stars forced to face them with the choice of being left as the shape of Stone humans or be born as humans after they decomposed.
Some Stone humans wanted to leave in their own shape and were left as stone statues.
All the stone buildings under the stone statues were the things which giants of Stone gods turned into.
As stone statues and the buildings got integrated, stone statues have stood on the high buildings and have viewed the humans as long as thousands of years.
The fellow giants of Stone gods remained in the form of mushroom-like shapes so that future generations of human beings would be aware of the existence of Stone gods and a lot of Stone humans were born in the basement.

As a reminder of that there are basements near there, and they left a lot of such unusual stones as are wearing hats on the ground.
The comet fell to the earth after a while.
Since that time, the earth's axis moved and terrestrial environment rapidly changed.
A large number of atoms in the universe wanted to become humans and they became humans as they wanted.
As a result of it many humans were born and the food got no longer enough.
Sadly enough the struggle for food began.
Humans didn't follow the advice of the Stone humans who were taking care of humans and they voluntarily invaded other regions.
That is the volkerwanderung.
The spirits of those humans were born again and they have still raised the struggle.

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