The meaning of Laocoon and His Sons| Pink aurora | The lie of Greek myths |The mail of the change of angel of black clothes  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 26, 2006

The meaning of Laocoon and His Sons| pink aurora | The lie of Greek myths |The mail of the change of angel of black clothes

Dec. 26, 2006

I woke up suddenly and the channeling started.

"I'm the being of Om.
I apologize that I have been in the way of humanity.
I killed the king of Sagittarius and his two children as the snake in the sea.

The two children are Mt.Apoitake and Stone god who became the pillow breccia in the sea.
Mt. Apoitake seen from Apoitake the mountain retreat

Double-headed Serpent is the being which was formed by coalescing the star of Ohm and Pleiadenai(=Pleiades).
(As the word Pleiades was made to imply 'the death', the information from ''THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' usually use the word 'Pleiadenai' instead of Pleiades.)

(This is the image of the statue of Laocoon and His Sons sent from Mr.I and I was watching it last night.)

I got the signal in the left thumb at dawn and the channeling started.

"This is the story of Stone god.
I'm the being from Pleiadenai.
I have been harassing humanity for a long time.
I apologize for it.
The beings of the stars descended to you to apologize."

(Pink and green aurora appeared around Iowa in US on Dec. 24, 2006.)

"We called out to humanity as we wanted to let humanity know Stone god (=Stone men) were strangled by snakes.
I'm the being called 'the king of Sagittarius in Middle East'.
Pleiadenai (=Pleiades) came to dominate the people (like prophets) who heard the voice of calling out of mine.
The story of Greek myths is the lie which was taught by the Ruler's Stars.
Poseidon didn't send Double-headed Serpent.
Doralion? is the word of villains which means 'they caught the king of Sagittarius'.
The Ruler's Stars told to carry the statue to Vatican.
People have kept being afflicted by the villains who have been dominated by the Ruler's Stars.
Atlantis collapsed as the king of Sagittarius in Middle East was caught and wiped out.

The jealousy of Pleiadenai was one of the incentive of the collapse of the continent.
(Atlantis was the continent where any desire was fulfilled as was told until now.)

(The rapping sound is heard now.=It means it is true.)

As Pleiadenai realized any desire could be fulfilled, they wanted to have bodies.
Therefore they approached and took advantage of the people(like Jesus and Muhammad) who heard the voices of Stone god.

(I got the signal in the thumb which showed it is true.)

What I want to say most is that Vatican is protecting the statue which show Laocoon and His Sons were caught by the serpent.
In addition Vatican has made people believe any stone statue was made by humanity.
The names of makers of the countless stone statues which we can find in the streets of Europe have been unknown.
There is only one stone statue which is said to have been made by Michelangelo and it has been taken advantage of under the name of religion."

(Only the statue of Pieta is said to have been made by Michelangelo.
However nothing has been said about the huge stone statues in Trevi Fountain and many stone statues which we find on the roofs, such as Vatican. )

The story of War of Troy is also the lie.
It was not Poseidon that sent the serpent.
The sender of it was Pleiadenai who had been taught by the villains in the outer galaxy.


Thank you for your mail.

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