The law of the universe b reincarnation bThe anger of the earth bsea urchin @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 27, 2004

The law of the universe b reincarnation bThe anger of the earth bsea urchin

The recent earthquakes in Japan has the depth of the epicenter of 10km all together.
Stone gods have had the thought of regret as they are not acknowledged even though they worked as hard as possible for humanity.
The thought of regret of Stone god who descended to the earth late seems to be the same with the thought of the god of the earth.

I was told there was the writing in another bulletin board which told the moon was green and spinning in Ko Phuket Island but the writing was cursed by the science believer.
Even though it may be the abnormal phenomenon, it is the announcement from the invisible world.
However such phenomena are usually cursed by those arrogant people who believe they know anything.

When I was not able to sleep at four on Dec. 27, 2004, my mouth began to move and the words came out of it.

" I wanted you to write the truth some day.
People of today don't know how those who live the luxurious life and cite the luxurious rituals will become in the life after death.
People of today also don't know how the people who die by being washed away by the tsunami will become in the life after death.
Those who die by natural disaster and play the role of notice to people can become a star in the life after death.
In addition if they hope, they can be born again as a humanity.
When those people choose to be born as humanity, they never choose the flashy lives because those who live the flashy lives in this world will have to live a painful life in the subconscious world.
People of today worship the people as gods who are told in the myths which are filled with lies.
People don't know the contradiction of the stories even now.

I am going to sleep from now.

"The man who had never worked in the previous life is going to be born again in the bottom class in Caste Hindu.
It is the law of the universe.

I have often told by the beings from the sky that those who live at the top class in real life have to be born at the bottom class when they are born again.

Those who die by natural disasters such as tsunami are going to be born again in another world in an instant."

iThose who are helped after being hit by tsunami tell they fainted in an instant.)

iI had the signal several times in the pinky, which showed what was told then was true.)

"Stone god in Okinawa in Japan was told the earth god has been dead.
I'm Stone god who caused tsunami in Indonesia.
I was not able to stand any more.
I was not able to stand the people who enshrine the snakes as god (the snake temple in Penang Island).
I hated the people who are dominated by the Ruler's Stars and enshrine the thing which seal Stone gods.
No change has been expected however hard I might inform them.
The subconscious mind of people called for help.
People who know nothing have faith in the religion given by the Ruler's Stars in this world.
Those who will die in this situation will have to live the painful life in the world of subconsciousness.
Therefore subconsciousness of those people asked me to be born again as early as possible.

iThose who die by natural disaster play the role of notice by which they can be born again earlier and their sin will be disappeared?)
Though many people have believed that the soles of the dead who die in the accident suddenly have to wander.
However I have been told from the beings from the sky those information about wanderer is usually told by the bad energy body which enjoy by telling those information.
Even though people may die in the water caused by tsunami, those souls never suffer in the water.
People who told they have been suffering through the channeling were only those who lived the life of celebrity in this world.)

The reason why the subconsciousness of the earth has gone is that humanity don't admit that the earth has consciousness.
In addition the earth god felt very painful because he couldn't move as he thought that it is bad to cause earthquakes.
I've let you know the reason why the crust was made.
You will understand why earthquakes occur in the same place when you understand what I've told you.
The earth can't stand humanity believe that the earth is nothing but the chunks of lava and the earthquake occur only by the rebound of the plate.

Crust formation
Stone gods who made the crust.

Dec. 8, 2004
I felt uncomfortable in the left temporomandibular joint when I ate sea urchin and since then the uncomfortable spread in the oral@.
Since then I felt uncomfortable in the left knee and channeling asked me to write.

"I'm the queen of Sagittarius.
The sea urchin changed the rock into delicious food.
The being who made the sea urchin was the queen of Sagittarius.
She changed the silicon of the rock into algae, which is eaten and is turned into sea urchin.
Mt. Ishimaki was asked to call out the queen of Sagittarius."


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