Many huge round stones in New Zealand |The meaning of Glow Worm  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

March 20, 2001

Many huge round stones in New Zealand |The meaning of Glow Worm

The princess of Sagittarius who alighted to New Zealand told me as follows.

"I made those stone balls so that I could throw them to serpents which might come from Mu."

When I was looking at the photo which show the pattern of the tortoise shells, I was told from Stone god as follows.

"I made the turtle.
I'm princess, Iwanoea.

This pattern like tortoise shells was made so that they would show the Ruler's Stars were catching the earth with ugly net.

"I wanted to make the true fireflies.
However I was not able to make them besides this kind of firefly in this district.
I wanted to show the stars with Glow Worm."
The animation of Glow Worm in New Zealand

"The rocks which overlapped many layers finely were made so that they might not be found by serpents?

I'm telling the meaning of it as those overlapped rocks are material which are made by being superimposed many layers of gas."

  (As I did not understand well what was told by Stone god, I asked many times about what was told above.
However I was given only this explanation repeatedly.)

Pancake lock in New Zealand.
It expresses many Stone gods descended by overlying many layers.


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