The support from Orion in Egypt |pyramids |The mural which shows the inside of the earth   

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 4, 2006

The support from Orion in Egypt |pyramids |The mural which shows the inside of the earth 

The person living in the US wrote the other day in the bulletin board that he had seen a shooting star with the short tail under Orion.
He wrote the shooting star looked as if it were crossing the place under Orion.
Since then I had a signal in the right flank.
The channeling started.

"I'm Orion.
I descended to you in order to let you know Orion was cooperating with Stone gods.
Orion descended to Stone men in Egypt.
Orion told Stone men to make three pyramids.
Orion told them to cut out the soft body of Stone gods and piled them up as if they had made rice balls.
The reason why Orion told to make the four-sided pyramid is that the square shows the animal as the earth in those days was dominated by the Ruler's Stars.
As the alter egos of Stone gods had become triangular shaped mountains, Orion told Stone god to make four-sided pyramid.
Stone gods in Egypt wanted to do the work for leaving the evidence that they had come from Sagittarius even though they were dominated by the Ruler's Stars.

The trapezoidal pyramids were made as some of Stone gods didn't do the work to leave the evidence."

#)From a reader of the site.

"I saw a dream today.
It is the scene I am looking at the neck and the body of someone is being done a suture surgery.
I remember the contents well even after I was aroused."

When I was reading the above mail, I got the signal in my body.

"The good thing was made to revive.
Masakado Taira had the subconsciousness of Orion.
As I wanted to let you know it, I made a reader see a dream.
I've learned.
Please refrain from seeing the other bulletin boards which condemn The information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
Those bulletin boards are the hangout of the attackers who are related to Snake charmer seat and Pleiadenai(=Pleiades).

(As the word Pleiades was made to imply the death, the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' usually use Pleiadenai instead of Pleiades.)

Those are the place where bad guys settle down.
I descended to you to let you know it.
Orion was viewing Stone men being made into the stones.
The being which made 'Stone gods' stones was Snake charmer seat.

Therefore the being from Sagittarius asked for help to the universe in those days.
That is why Orion descended to the earth.
The statues and ruins made of stone have been left even now.
Please let people know the meaning of the ruins and stone statues.
You will understand the unexpected things.

(The rapping sound was heard.)

The invisible things to humanity are drawn in it.
It is the contents about the inside of the earth.
It is in Hatshepsut."

Many Stone men are so explained that slaves are connected with each other by the neck.
However those pictures show the Neus of Stone gods who covered the earth.


Thank you for your mail.

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