The being which take advantage of the fear for their energy source 【Postscript】 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

May 30, 2006

The being which take advantage of the fear for their energy source【Postscript】

#)I explained previously that Qigong is related to energy body of the huge snake with wings.
The channeling of Qigong bone crusher who did the channeling before his death has become famous in the web world.
His channeling information seems to have stirred up unnecessary anxiety.
The energy body of snakes take advantage of the strives or fear and unfortunately this Qigong bone crusher seems to have been taken advantage by this energy body.
The above channeler is introduced as Buddhist priest.
Therefore he also seems to be taken advantage by the energy body of religion which give fear to humanity as the energy source.
Though there is no need for unnecessary fear, it is necessary to know the reason why the earthquake occurred around ancient ruins.

"It is important to realize that every religion has made the earth full of strives and it was informed by Islamic religion.
  From the beings from the sky."

Why do creatures live on the earth?
Why are there lots of ancient ruins which are far beyond the human ability to build all over the world?

Even though the reason has been repeatedly taught by 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA', there are many who ignore and curse it.
Those who see only status quo and fall in the ill-advised idea, they will have to do the same repeat.


At 22:30 I felt the strong signal several times in the left lower abdomen suddenly.
Channeling started as usual.

Let me tell you about human beings.
The atoms which form the human body are composed of atoms of Stone gods.

(This has been informed from previous days and I was told people who are regarded as the incarnation of the mountain have the atoms of the mountain which lead him or her at the forefront. )

However the bodies of those who attack Stone gods furiously are composed of the atoms which were sent from the stars which hate to be known by human beings about Stone gods.

(It has also been informed from previous days.)

(I had the signal in the front teeth. )

They are the people whose bodies are composed of the atoms which were sent from the Ruler's Stars (stars of snakes) in the old days.

(Big rapping sound was heard which meant it is true.)

Now it is the time it can be understood clearly.
As was explained above however hard the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' have been informed there are many who can't understand it and keep attacking the information.

Please write it."

I didn't like to write too much about there is a difference among human atoms. 
However I can't help writing it as I was informed to write by the intense signal to my body.
It seems only to the 'attackers' of this information.
I have been informed the human fate will get happier if they try to understand the origin of the earth or the meaning of human beings while they are living.
I was also informed many people have begun to enjoy happier life after they try to understand it.

"Please let people know the following , too.
People who have suffered the natural disasters and have been dead, have strong subconsciousness.
They are the people who decided to go ahead far more in this short period of this life by playing the role of notice.
The living period is too short when compared to one of the world of consciousness.
They want to live a happier life in the world of consciousness than in this real world.

(The above has been informed from previous days. )


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