Megalithic relics in Italy

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Megalithic relics in Italy @

By Sennari

This info is fromLet's solve the enigma of the earth

January 14, 2002

Megalithic relics in Italy

The person in Italy let me know the following information.
Italy is really in the shape of boots.
There is a pebble on the tip of the shoe is well represented.

Stone gods carried the soil around the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and seems to have made the continent of Atlantis.

Stone gods could see the future and found the earth will be dominated by the Ruler's Stars and humans will have a hard time as if they will stumble on pebble.
Therefore it is said they made the shape of Italy .
There are the same kind of megalithic ruins all over the world at any rate.
Stone gods seem to have made the relics of the same shape as they had the conversation through telepathically.

Ferries to Sardinia:

Sardinia - Arzachena - Italy. Arzachena (Gallurese: Alzachena, Sardinian: Altzaghena) is a town in the province of Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia, Italy.
Arzachena is very close to the famous "Costa Smeralda" tourist area, and it is the administrative capital of the "Costa Smeralda" tourist area.

( wikipedia)

Rocky area in Aruzakena(youtube)

Thank you for your mail.

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