Stone gods in Morocco bThe origin of Dragon in China b The generation of human beings and so on @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

March 22, 2006

Stone gods in Morocco bThe origin of Dragon in China b The generation of human beings and so on

March 22, 2006 I felt the signal in the right cheek.

"Stone god is calling.
Stone god in Morocco speaking .
Stone gods in Morocco were good friends with ones in China."

iBefore the above channeling, Stone god in China said to me "Sorry for having disturbed you."


Though there are many black shadows, they come to disappear gradually.

The meaning of the vision is as follows.

"Stone god in Morocco tell to Hoshinobe.
(Hosinobe =The channeler who can tell the words from the beings from the sky or Stone gods.)

I've long waited for this time.
I've thought I might not be found.
What I'm telling is I want you to see the work of art made by Stone gods in Morocco.
Let me tell the story of Morocco.
When Stone gods descended to Morocco, the plain had spread all around.
There were many Stone men there.
They turned into the big buildings.
Stone men of Stone gods held hands and formed the loop and turned into the buildings.
It does not mean only single Stone god turned into the building.
Many Stone men who were separated from Stone gods held hands and they formed the building as was told by Stone man who took the leadership."

"Stone humans generated human beings in the round building (Roman type theater) made by holding hands.
Stone humans held hands and all of them cried, "Ohhh!".
Many atoms with various thoughts could gain one thought by crying "Ohhh!".

(Atoms had seen the rock of heart in Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan.)

"Atoms of Stone gods turned into the heart whose shape had been shown by the rock of heart which was told to you before.
@jThe rock of heart

It was the most difficult work.
As was told above Stone humans held hands and formed the buildings.
It was shown to atoms and atoms were taught to become the shaped-thing by holding hands."

iFrom the announcement of the other dayj

jThe following is the image which shows the heart is made first.(?)

The above site show the image sent from a reader in Nagoya,Japan.@
I was told the heart was made first and another organs of the body were made one after another.
However it was very hard to imagine those process.
It seems possible that organs occur as if they float, as the air is filled with atoms.


Pj There is the flat pattern of bronze on realistic surface.
As one of the pattern show the dragon with open mouth clearly, I declare the dragon should be erased and it disappears.

Qj Since then houses, trees and flowers are drawn around the blue sea, such as seems to be the Mediterranean.
It is the illustration which makes me feel realy peaceful.

I was told the maning of it through the channeling.

"There were lots of dinosaurs in the Mediterranean.
As those dinosaurs were destroyed by Hoshinomina (alter ego of the the Ohmoto(the central consciousness of the universe)) and others, peace was brought.
It was the health resort of Atlantis.
The subconsciousness of the destroyed dinosaurs went to China, where they turned into Dragons.
They went there for harassment as Stone gods in Morocco and China were friends."

I felt uncomfortable strongly under left eye.

"I still want to let you know more.
Stone god in Morocco speaking.
The depression of the eye in the human face show the Mediterranean.
Therefore I gave the signal under your eye.
The position under the eye corresponds to the position of Morocco when the face is regarded the earth.
As I wanted to be noted I asked Stone gods to cause the earthquake in Algeria which is situated near Morocco."

20-MAR-2006 19:44:24 l@5.0

As there are lots of work of art of Stone gods like Tassili n'Ajjer in Algeria, Stone gods there, must be waiting for the time when they can take contact with me through the channeling.

The generation of animals and humanity is very complex and it is suspicious whether I can explain it well or not.
However I'd like to summarizes what was told until now.

jAnimals were occurred a little before the human generation.
Atoms gathered together for becoming animals when they saw the ground pictures in Nazca Lines and so on.
I was told animals were generated by the aggregation of atoms in the space where there was nothing as Stone gods and stars gave direction.

jAs intelligence of monkeys were not enough to understand the stars, stars had a consultation with one another and they improved the gene of monkeys and made humanity in the stone circles with the help of Stone gods, I was told.

jI was told as humanity died soon in a cold with only the fur of orangutan, they were given the intelligence for making houses.
Therefore humanity were done genetic manipulaion.

jAs humanity were given the intelligence by which they were able to make houses for preventing wind and rain, the body hair was eliminated from the human body.
However the hair on the head was not eliminated so that humanity would come to mind the stars.
In addition the hair on the foot and arm, and armpit hair was left so that humanity would come to mind hair=God.

jThere are rock art of humanity in Africa , and so on.
I was told through the channeling rock art of humanity are the ones of Stone men.
Some of them depict the body with pointed faces, which don't look like human faces.
Some of rock art depict giants, some with no limbs, some with things like horns.
If we consider them they are not humanity but they are Stone humans, it is natural they are depicted in such strange figures.

jI was told fossils of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon were made by the Ruler's Stars so that humanity would make mistakes that humanity evolved from monkeys.
The anthropoid such as Bigfoot or Yeti were also made by the genetic manipulaion by the Ruler's Stars so that humanity would get confusing.

jThere are pictures in Egypt which depict the humanity of mixed race with the head of such as bird, dog and cattle or the man with the horse of the lower body.
I was told they are also made by the strong genetic manipulaion from the stars.
However they were not able to produce offspring.

jI introduced the rock which looks like gene the other day.
There is the stone column which has spiral pattern on the surface in Morocco.
I was told it shows gene but I have not been given any more information about it.

jWhen Stone humans held hands and cried "Ohhh!", the thought of atoms agreed with one another and their thought got stronger.
It is the origin to the athletes' vocalization for encouraging one another after forming a circle.
In addition the Ruler's Stars seem to have abused it, and made humanity cry "Ohm".


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