Those who eat without working bAustralia@b@Stone god Tour bThe vision of two earth @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Sep. 25, 2005

Those who eat without working bAustralia@b@Stone god Tour bThe vision of two earth

Sep. 25, 2005

I was informed by Image or Vision this time.
A polyp of rice grain size was made in the mouth.
It is the signal which advises me open the vision I saw the starting eve, to public as early as possible.
As the polyp has not been healed yet, I decided to open it to public.
When rice is left long, pale yellow elongated worms occur.
Those worms gather rice like the bagworms and make nests.
Then they become moths and breed one after another and rice come to taste very sour.
sThe vision of the worms which breed in rice t

"As I found the pale yellow worms which breed in the white rice, I toss them out but the grain of rice have become like bagworm.
Shortly thereafter dozen of black worms ( maize weevil )turne up in the middle of the screen and begin to eat white rice."

When I saw the image of the above site , I found the worms which appeared in the vision look-alike the ones in the image.
The meaning of the vision told through the channeling is as follows.

"The pale yellow worms express royalty and the aristocracy (include the Imperial Household) and religious leaders who eat the most delicious food self-indulgently without working.
Family related also eat the delicious food.
It was shown especially by the worms which make bagworm with rice before they turn into puppas.
Black maize weevil express the people who have the subconsciousness of reptile (like Illuminati who flock to the interest of oil in Middle East."

The other visions which were seen very clearly

Pj Two earth

gThe circle of large with red pink like bougainvillea expresses the earth and the smaller circle with the same color expresses the moon.
The bigger one divided into two as cell division but one of them disappear.
The remained circle turn into the particle of golden color but it comes to disappear."

"The meaning of the vision show the earth will become two earths.
The long and short of it the earth goes into the different two dimensions.
One is the earth which is full of strives and the other is the earth with no strives."


QjThe vision of the character of x.

"Y-shaped whitish light is seen.
One of the upper parts of Y disappears and the remained part of the upper parts of x becomes the brilliant shape of boomerang."

The meaning of the vision was explained as follows.

"It means the way to proceed has been decided.
Interesting events will happen fromnow on."

I was told something with deep meaning as being told above.

I've been to Australia.
I felt the subconsciousness of the atoms from the sky and universe and Stone gods from the time of the start.
It was shown to me by the signal to my body and the clouds or climate.
I felt I was being protected.
I was given the new information one after another on my stay of 6 days net in Australia.
I had really fulfilling days.
Stone gods left many work of art in Australia.
However the Ruler's Stars named them Devils and those work of art have been kept away from humanity.
Humanity has been made not to realize the presence of Stone gods.
At the same time the Ruler's Stars made Aborigine worship the snake of rainbow colors as god, which Stone god hated the most.
Moreover the Ruler's Star made Aborigine forbid photography of work of art of Stone gods by claiming they are the Holy Land and prevented humanity from knowing Stone gods.
Law to take up fine has already been made when you publish the photograph of Uluru(Ayers Rock)which you took.
Uluru has the rock shape which you can't think it was made naturally.
Stone gods and the atoms from the sky and universe showed black long zone of gas in the sky and countless clouds of flies to protest it.( shown in the below image)
The black long zone of gas had disappeared before we went to Mar lock.
Moreover a cloud of flies got less in Tennant Creek where there is Mar lock.
Maybe work of art of Stone god can be seen clearly there.
The photo below shows the gray cloud in a straight line which shows the anger of Stone gods and the atoms from the sky and universe as humanity have ignored 'the cry of the earth' and have sealed Stone gods.


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