Ark of the Covenant in Vatican?

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Aug. 8, 2013

Ark of the Covenant in Vatican?

In Vatican,there is a which is said to be the same as Ark of the Covenant in Shosoin , too.

The channeling words tell the above box is Ark of the Covenant.
It resides in Shosoin, in Nara Prefecture,Japan.
It is made of cedar trees.
The size of the box is 53,7cm height, 89,5cm width, total height is 43,5cm

One of the readers of my site saw the dream in which the above box appeared and it was as heavy as the metal box.
The reason why the box was felt as heavy as the metal one is the atoms combined as if it were a metal box.
Therefore Ark of the Covenant seems to exist here and there in the world.
The foundation of it has a lion and a bull(?) which are looking up Ark of the Covenant.
It shows Pleiadenai(=Pleiades) and Taurus are dominating humanity.
(This bull is not the normal bull as is found by the claws, and it may be the mixed race related to Pleiadenai(?))

Aug. 8

I woke up by(Image or dream).

"The handle of the box which is knitted by the rattan was seen and the box are burning."

The meaning of above image or dream is as follows.

"Pleiadenai has sealed Ark of the Covenant by the crate made of rattan (snake) but it has been broken by Minanoko(small groups of atoms)."

The rattan seems to have imitated the religious decorations of straw ropes of Izumo Taisha.
Izumo Taisha

Izumo Taisya(animation)

I have not really known the meaning of decorations like the religious decorations of straw ropes which you often find in Vatican.
I finally found the meaning.
It showed the sealed by Pleiadenai=rattan.
I had the signal in the left middle finger.


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