The end of Stone gods | The reason why humanity was made

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

March 3, 2001

The end of Stone gods | The reason why humanity was made

"The bodies of Stone gods were hardening more and more was the most pitiful.
Stone god said, "This is the end of mine."
We, humanity also cried.
The color of Stone god began to change suddenly.
Though the color of Stone god had had the bright colors until then, it began to change into the color of pears.
Then the life of Stone god was lost.
Large drops of rain was raining after a while.
We found Stone god crying.
The bodies of Stone god started to dissolve.
Therefore we named the song Takanasu, which was the sad song.

The humanity were made because there was a sense.
As it had been known that the whole universe becomes pleasant when the beings in the universe live by doing good act instead of bad act, humanity was made for the experiment of it.
Please live at the thought of it.

If you live with the heart that was moved when you see the beautiful things, the universe will turn into such a beautiful place.
It is the most important thing.
Please see the movement of the a variety of creatures which stars made as hard as possible.
Please see the flowers blooming lovely.
Then stars will make more impressed things as much as possible.
Please do not just worry.     The end."

yPostscript on Dec. 2, 2008 z

The humanity is the best masterpiece in the universe who can feel five senses.
The atoms of Stone gods work hard, give birth to the new cells and maintain the human bodies so that humanity can live.
I was told the cells give birth to the new cells feel such pain as humanity give birth to a baby.
It is important to know atoms of Stone gods maintain the human bodies with such a great deal of toil.
When you understand it, you will find you have to cherish both your bodies and other's.
It is important to live with thanks as you have five senses¡
When you feel thanks, you have a sense of being born as a human being.


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