Generation of Stone humans | Clay image | How to gene(?) | Autophagy | Parallel world

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 20, 2006

Generation of Stone humans | Clay image | How to gene(?) | Autophagy | Parallel world

Stone god talked to me through the channeling before going to bed on April 19, 2006

"I was able to be separated from the round thing (Stone god).
Then the bottom was separated into two parts which became legs.
The sides of the round thing were separated into hands with fingers.
Each atom of Stone god was able to work in cooperation with ¦each other."

¦)I was told each was separated and acted in cooperation with each other was shown by the parallel rod-shaped clouds.

"Then the holes which turned into eyes and mouth opened in the face.
It was the same with clay image.
clay [terra]cotta] image

I'm the alter ego of the giant of Stone god and the alter ego of Mt.Ararat.

(He seems to have descended for the first time and he said he was the alter ego of Stone god.
When I told him that small alter ego corresponded to giant, he seems to have been consent to what was told.)

The grave was alter ego of Stone god.

(I still don't know where is the tumulus which he told.)

I was born separated from it to such as I am ."

(I felt the signal in the right flank.)

"As legs were made and I was able to walk.
I was given the juice from Stone gods who descended to the earth.
They put it into the pot which I put on the head.
Every fellow Stone god was kind.
We headed east lifted toward Japan.
We were able to lift up, because atoms of the body released the hands and atoms were separated from each other a little more."

I am going to sleep from now.

(As the body of giant seems to be in the state of atoms they seem to be able to move by the wind.
I was told previously Stone humans in Atlantis were able to move in the air.)

#)Clay image

The clay image at the right end has the dish-shaped thing which turned into the brain, on the head.
As the plate is big, the clay image seems to be in the position where he guided others by thinking with head.

April 6, 2006

yPostscript on July 18, 20012 z
The tube for the juice=brain | Hokkaido Prefectural Buried Cultural Property Investigation Center

(Postscript on July 18, 2012)
Medusa descended to me and told she put away the nerve of the brain roundly in the skull.

May 7, 2006

(Postscript on July 18, 2012) Medusa in Cistern in Turkey

(Postscript July 18, 2012)

Medusa is the bad queen of Snake charmer seat and she kidnaped Minanoko(small groups of atoms) and made them do various things.
However she told she did the good job.
The job which she did was that she put away the brain which looked like two horns, into the round shape.

She showed what she had done with the upside-down head like this.
She wants to show she made the long brain round into the skull by turning into the foundation of the pillar.
She has the gentle face as she turned into the foundation herself.
The brain was once long as if it looked like big horns but it was made to turn into the round one.
Therefore the brain has wrinkles.

Though she became the foundation of the pillar, she has the upside-down gentle face because her lover, Poseidon is in the sea and she is facing it.
There is also the head of Medusa sideways which looks gentle as if it is smiling.

There are snakes in the head, which shows she was beaten by the Ruler's Star (the star of snake) and was made into the stone.
I was told the hair of other Medusa' head expresses eels.
The green color of the face shows even though her subconsciousness is on the ground, she is telling the truth because she has white jaw.

May 7, 2006

(Postscript on July 18, 2012)Medusa sideways

The neck is at the right-hand and it serves as the foundation for the pillar.
It is smiling faintly.
She knows she can see her lover, Poseidon in this posture.

(Postscript on July 18, 2012.)
Here is the water tank.
The fish about 30 centimeters big approaches to her.
Is the fish the incarnation of Poseidon?
Poseidon who is the commander of Mercury seems to have been caught by the queen of Snake charmer seat and made the heavy rain fall at the direction of her.


gThe circles which look like small clouds are gathering.
Then the thing like the face of a man and a woman appears in the center of the aggregation of the circles.
Next the cartoon which show many humanity are lying is seen."

The meaning of the vision is as follows.

"The circles like the clouds are the atoms which gather together and become two kinds of chunks first.
The two become the gene.
The two become one (one eat the other?) and it become one gene which gather together and form the cell.
Atoms with two thoughts become one by discussing and descend as subconsciousness by taking a balance.
The cell with subconsciousness split up and increase.
Many humanity increased like this way."

#)The cell has the mechanism called autophagy .
Autophagy starts when creature got starved.
Autophagy means the cell eat one part of itself.
They say autophagy disassemble the abnormal protein inside the cell and serve as the apparatus for disposal was found.
This was the information of the match of the autophagy.

Though the scale is different, the following is the news that the coalescence of black holes can be reproduced by CG.
According to the theory it was reproduced how the wave called gravity wave occur when two black holes coalesce.


"A blackish triangle to the left and a white triangle to the right turned up.
A whitish thing like a pillar turned up between them.
It spreads and two triangles disappear."

The meaning of the vision is as follows.

"The white pillar in the center shows the energy of conscience of the beings from the sky.
It shows the current state."

(The vision of a white triangle was the same with the contents of the below site«. )

#)Asahi Shinbun on 20th carries the articles about clay image and Autophagy of the cells.
Therefore I thought the robot of the beings from the sky is reading the internet news or newspapers before I read them.
When I was writing the above contents I had the signal in the front teeth.

"That's not right.
Robot is not looking.
The subconsciousness of you is reading the newspapers and the internet news in the middle of the night.
As you discuss about what you read with the beings from the sky, you can let people know about them.
As you go to the different world while sleeping, you feel painful when you wake up."

(I was surprised to hear it.
I think the different world means the parallel world, but I still don't understand well about it.
Even though I get the information about the real world through the channeling, the information sometimes does not come true.
Such wrong information may be the events in the parallel world.

I often feel very painful when I get up in the morning in these days.
That's why my subconsciousness works all night have been told by the beings from the sky .

#)They say one hundred new ground pictures were discovered in Nazca plateau of Peru.
One of them is 65 meter length and it looks as if it has horns.
(Horn shows the tube for sucking the juice.
It was made to draw on the ground after showing the vision to Stone humans.
It is in the place where it is completely impossible for humanity to go for drawing.
Moreover the size and the number is beyond human ability.)


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