The warning from the earthbThe star of b The rectangular starbThe meaning of nailbThe energy body of festival iPostscriptj@

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 24,@2006

The warning from the earthbThe star of b The rectangular starbThe meaning of nailbThe energy body of festival iPostscriptj

Apr. 23, 2006

I was sent a mail which told he had a dream that the nails of the middle finger came off and blood came out.
(@The middle finger shows the Ohmoto@(the central consciousness of the universe).)

I asked the meaning of the dream through the channeling.

"The dream shows the permission of the Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) has been given.
The permission is about the global announcement to humanity.

iIt means the Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) has made the seal of blood .j

"People don't accept the information however often this information has been sent.
There are firms which get this information but benefit only their own."

iI was given the signal in the spine, to which I had never given the signal before.
It means what was told through the channeling is true.)

Yesterday I saw the vision in which a part of the earth is broken.
When one part of the earth is broken, I thought the earth may become as if the balloon came to wither.
The channeling told me as follows.

"The earth won't be broken as if it were like the balloon.
Stone gods who became a part of the earth will simply turn into pebbles.
However it means the earth will die."
iThe representation from the world of subconsciousness sounds exaggerated.)

However the the face in the below image looks as if it were dead.

iI was surprised to see the image of 'Eel well' in Sizuoka Prefecture, Japan which was sent to me. j

"It means a part of the body of the earth has caused gangrene.
The region which turned into pebbles becomes the sea."

iIs it about Andaman Islands(?), though it may be the story only in the world of subconsciousness. j

Humanity think earthquakes are caused by plate tectonics theory if such an earthquake doesn't occur.
That means humanity think only humanity have consciousness and the earth and stars are nothing but the rocks."

I am going to sleep from now.

I woke up at midnight as I felt throbbing in the shoulder.

"We've found there is a star which make others fight without doing the work.
It is the star of .

We've found the owners of the subconsciousness of that star."

iThey are people who taunt and condemn this information in the bulletin boards. j

iI declared that I've erased the star of .j

iThough I don't know if the following is true or not as it was told through the channeling, but let me tell you what was told to me because I was asked "to play the role of notice".j

"Those who are related to the subconsciousness of the star of are Akio Asuka, editor in chief of magazine Mu, related people of Iondo(?) University, author of the series of the young feudal lord (costume drama) and so on.
These are the people who became the cause of destruction of the earth."

That means they are the people who conceal the truth, even though they know the truth.
They have tried not to make the earth sleep, and have made the earth extremely tired .
It is just the same as you were not able to sleep, as the nail of your foot made you worry about it."

(I got up and cut the nail of the little finger of the left foot as I was not able to sleep because it got caught in the bedding.)

I was informed the nail is the thing between material and creature and it has a very important meaning.
Now to decorate the nail like nail painting is prevalent.
Stone gods made the nails as the thing between material and creature with much effort.
However nail painting conceal nails by covering with colors.
The act of it will never be pleased by your subconsciousness.

j@Strong wind like a storm blew last night.
I was hearing what the beings from the sky told me in a dream.
The beings from the sky condemned severely about the festival tournament which are going to be held in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
The beings from the sky have often told me energy body is generated by the festival.
The organizers are going to hold a festival even though they know energy body is generated by the festival.
The abnormal number of the orbs actually appeared and informed strong collective energy has been generated by the festival and it strengthen the energy body of dragons.

The beings from the sky warns that Japanese government is guiding the people as it thinks a great deal of traditional events like festivals.
Moreover the beings from the sky also warn that the government is protecting *'Four beast God'.
(*'Four beast God')@

Therefore energy body of Dragons which like to fight has become enormous unimaginably and many people have caused abnormal incidents and the gap between the rich and the poor has increased.
I was told people have to go back to 'the star of snakes' if they were dominated by Dragons (the general of snakes) in this life even though they can get rich with the help of Dragons.
If people don't want to go back to 'the star of snakes', they have to realize it.
I was told the humanity can erase the result of evil deeds in the past life only when they are living as humanity on the earth.
That means each of us must not monopolize the wealth of the earth and we have to impart the wealth equally.


Thank you for your mail.

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