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By Takashi

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Paranormal & Supernatural

The posting by Mingula

I have read that atoms phase in and out of our physical reality at unbelievable speeds and that the same atom(s) are shared among countless realities, thereby connecting them all. Could this explain the elusive "graviton"? At the very least it seems that we, made up of these atoms, should be able to consciously connect with these other realities, because atoms themselves are conscious.

The reply by Sennari(=Takashi)

To Mingula.

Thank you for your comment.
As I found you are interested in the problem of gravity, I searched the following site which I am always translating into English.

Let's solve the enigma of the earth

I found several articles which contains the words 'gravity'.
Therefore I'd like to translate them from now on.
Maybe it will take several days for translation.
Thank you.


Thank you for your mail.

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