About the names and the symbol of atoms | The gravity and iron 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Aug. 7, 2006

About the names and the symbol of atoms | The gravity and iron 

I walked through the park while I wanted to think about gravity and iron in detail.
Then I found a bird which I had never seen on the low tree branch.
The color of throat of it was russet and whose size was a little smaller than a pigeon.

"Tetsu (=iron in Japanese), Tetsu, Chu (=the sound of kiss), Tetsu, Tetsu, Chu ----"

The bird sang as written above.
It didn't fly away even though I might approach about one meter away.
It sang often and next it changed the way of singing like below.

"Iyo, Hyorohyoro, Iyo, Hyorohyoro -----"

It repeated as often as I was able to imitate and flew away.
As I thought the way of singing had the meaning, I asked through the channeling.

"The atomic symbol of iron, F, imitated the stone columns which angels saw.
The small e of Fe expresses angel."

(There is a bulge on the stone column which is regarded as the thing on which a bonfire is lighted.
However I was told the bulge was made so that small angels remained on it and saw humanity walk.)

"Atom informed its name in the intuition so that the person who found the atom could name its own name.
The Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) decided not to increase the symbol of atoms from the time it is.
Therefore the smaller thing than an atom became "small e."
"へ"リウム(="he"lium in Japanese) expresses the equality of the universe. 
Therefore "へ" of "へ"リウム(="he"lium) is drawn by the gentle figure.
Helium cleaned the universe, burned discontent and became the chunk of the earth.
Atoms of Stone gods, Si, wrapped up the chunk of the earth which had melted into mush with the membrane and they changed into various things.
Atoms of "ヘ"リウム(=helium) which knew it wanted to go out by breaking the membrane themselves, too.
Therefore it turned into the shape of F which expresses it popped out from the membrane.
F was sticked by 'small e' which descended from the universe.
Therefore F and e coalesced into the atom of iron (Fe).
As F and e coalesced, height difference of F and e produced the electricity and magnetic force.
Therefore Fe became selfish and it sticks(Chu=sound of kiss) to the thing which it likes and brush off the thing which it hates.

It is "Tetsu(=iron in Japanese),Tetsu, Chu(=sound of kiss), Tetsu, Tetsu, Chu".
The earth which was made by 'へ'リウム(='he'lium) with equality changed into Fe but it changed into the situation where likes and dislikes became violent.
Almost all the things on the earth is occupied with creatures which were born from Stone gods and material which was made by changing from the atoms of Stone gods.
Therefore the earth like those things and attract them.
It is called 'gravity'.
When iron started Chu(the sound of kiss) which means that gravity started was in the country of Iyo(=the country of Iyo=Yamatai Kingdom).
Moreover Hyorohyoro means 'dying' and it means Yamatai Kingdom was destroyed.
The long and short of it the gravity got stronger when Yamatai Kingdom was destroyed. 
(Yamatai Kingdom was destroyed by Yamato Kingdom.)
There is no character of F in Greek letters.
F appeared in the Alphabet which was made after Greek letter.
It shows there was no gravity in Greece era."

The meaning of Greek letter

(There was iron before Greece era(?), electricity didn't flow even though it was the same iron.
I should note for the time being.)

Aug. 7, 2006

【Atout the name of atoms 】

The name of atoms were made recently.
The announcement so far wrote atoms which existed at the beginning of the universe had symbol.
Therefore please let me correct as follows.
【The name of the atoms at the beginning of the universe is the thing which looked like them. 】


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