In order to extinguish the thoughts of the Ruler's Star | Neutrino | The equality of the wealth | gravity | Si | Fe

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Sep. 28, 2006

In order to extinguish the thoughts of the Ruler's Star | Neutrino | The equality of the wealth | gravity | Si | Fe

I woke up at midnight and channeling started.

"Let the atoms from the sky and universe tell you.
The reason why the thoughts of the Ruler's Star was put in the atoms was that the atoms from the sky and universe received them.
Let me apologize about it.
If you would like to erase the thoughts of the Ruler's Star, please return the tube of the brain which was packed forcedly to the skull, to original shape.
Please make such an image as the bad thought will be put out through the stretched tube.
It is the best way that you can put out the bad thoughts which bad guys holed up in the brain.

I am going to sleep from now.

At dawn channeling started.

"The peace which will never be broken come.
Please tell Neutrinos to make loops by holding hands.
Please tell them if they make loops they can turn into oxygen,O and turn into material.
There was much oxygen O2 at the beginning of the earth.
That is why food and animals were able to grow big.
Moreover creatures were able to move effortlessly as there was no gravity."

I saw a vision when I was thinking that it is better that Neutrino whose production is being increased by nuclear power generation goes up into the sky and make a loop by turning into ozone and surround the earth.


"The three ships which look like white bananas goes up and up.
Then the cartoon in which there is a giant whose head reaches the clouds appeared."

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"It shows the Neutrino which had been white orb went up into the sky.
It shows the thoughts of Stone gods makes the clouds."

(When I talked to Neutrino, I was told heart-shaped white orb turned up and the number of orb got less.)


"Bread of large chunks has been cut neatly."

The meaning of the above image is as follows.

"The blessing of the earth will come to be divided equally."

According to the newspaper, Muslim increase because the Koran is taught at the time of meal.
However the rich live lives that did theirs best of luxury.
The royal family is the same even in Islamic society.
It is the lifestyle which 'the star of snakes' like and they think it is good that only their family is rich.
I hope they will have the thought which makes the remained money return to the society.
I hope they will increase the place where people can live at ease by removing the mine.
I ardently hope they will make the remained money use for the school lunch and education.

The following is the contents which I asked to the beings from the sky and summarized for publishing the book.

"The advance party which came to the earth from Sagittarius to solidify it plunged into the earth in the shape of the square in order to secure the earth which was swaying unsteadily.
Therefore the earth was able to stay inside the galaxy.
As every being is equal in the universe, it is full of helium because the word, helium ( = 'へ'りうむ in Japanese) means equality.
Everything in Sagittarius was also equal and Stone gods wanted to plunge into the earth in the shape of helium.
However much courage was needed to dive into the earth which was seething.
Even though they might dive into the earth, they had also the thought which tempted them to go out of the earth.
That thought was expressed by the character of 'S'.
The 'i' which had the small love came to love 'S' which had the big courage to dive into the earth.
Therefore S and i coalesced into the Si (Silicon)".
Stone gods who alighted to the earth which had been hardened wrapped up the earth in the form of the membrane which was stretched like kneaded powder.
A part of the atoms which was wrapped up by membrane, wanted to see outside by breaking through the membrane.
The shape which shows that the outside is being seen by breaking through the membrane, became the shape of F and small e was given to it as the adoptive in later years.
F and e coalesced and became Fe (iron).
It was big stars who wanted to dominate the humanity by taking advantage of electricity later years.
Therefore those big stars generated electricity by the principle of hydroelectric power which was taken advantage of the height difference of F and e.
The long and short of it, there was no gravity when the Ruler's Star didn't notice the presence of the earth in the early days.
However the earth didn't become zero gravity because the atoms of oxygen(O), Nitrogen(N) and Hydrogen(H) were filled around the earth and they pressed the creatures.
As much oxygen and Nitrogen were filled around the earth, both plants and animals were able to grow big at ease."

(Though the words such as electricity and gravity are used here, they may be different from the words used in science.)


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