The gravity and the nose, The green blood, The pot, Pyramids, Mummies, Armageddon, Hebrew, MegiddoyPostscriptzThe dinosaurs and gravity and so on

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 22, 2006

The gravity and the nose, The green blood, , The pot, pyramids, mummies, Armageddon, Hebrew, MegiddoyPostscriptzThe dinosaurs and gravity and so on

As the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' told there was no gravity at the age of the dinosaurs, I asked through the channeling why dinosaurs had strong bones when there was no gravity.
The answer from the beings from the sky was as follows.

"The dinosaurs were made by the thought of big stars which hoped to make dinosaurs stronger than the opponents.
The beings who sent dinosaurs to the earth thought that it was advantageous for dinosaurs to have the bones as hard as the stone by which they were able to protect their bodies and defeat the opponent.
Atoms of the Sagittarius which descended to the earth first solidified the earth which was the chunks of gas by turning into the stone.
Therefore the Ruler's Star thought dinosaurs were able to defeat the stone of Sagittarius if they gave dinosaurs the bone as hard as the stone.
That's why the Ruler's Star made the bones of dinosaurs bigger and stronger.
If the gravity in those days were the same as that of today, the legs of the dinosaur which had tons of weight would have sunk into the soil deep and would not have been able to move.
However there was no gravity at that time, footprints of heavy dinosaurs have not been left and we can find only shallow footprints now."

"Let me tell the evidence which shows there was no gravity then.
Nose, nose, nose---It is related with the nose.
The reason why the nose of the humanity got higher is that gravity came to appear.
Fishing, fishing, fishing,----

(I didn't understand long what was told through the channeling.)

It is related with the fishing.
The nose was made so that it would resemble a hook.
A hook is really the figure of the giant.
There is a meaning in the intention why we made the nose resembling the hook.
The hook is *the figure of the giant.
Stone humans who appeared first had only head with no face.

(The stone statue of the giant like Memnon with the broken face is Stone humans who had no face from the beginning.)

As gravity appeared, Stone gods fixed the shape of the face and made the nose.
Why did Stone gods have to make the nose in the face of humanity?
Because the gravity appeared, the air came to have electricity.
When the humanity got the oxygen by sucking the air, the electricity flew into the important diencephalon of the brain by conveying the air.

If the electricity of Fe (iron) flows into the brain directly, the brain suffer the influence of it intensely.
That is why Stone gods made the nose through which air was sucked and the moisture was replenished while air was passing through the nose.
The nose was able to discharge the power of electricity and served to reduce the impact to the brain.
Stone gods made the nose for the discharge.
There is a sense in aquiline nose of Jews."

*)I was told from previous days that the crochet-shaped figures which had been drawn in rock art had been the giants with no limbs.

The hook=crochet

"The pots on the head of Stone humans were inserted into the hole on the top of the head of Stone humans.
Therefore the juice in the pot penetrated into the head of Stone humans without opening the lid.

That is why the tip of the pot became tapered."
The container for the juice

(As many pot-type earthenware becomes tapered, they can't be put without the equipment to fix.
I was wondering if the opening in the pot are in close contact with the head how the juice come into the head.)
(There are many puzzling hook type?)

Appearance of gravity
Iron, magnetic force, gravity¤Atlantis

#)It was thunder and heavy rain last night.
Therefore I asked what the beings from the sky wanted to tell by the thunder and heavy rain.

"I came here to invite you.
The thunder came here to invite you to Palestine."

"I want you write this, too.
Let me tell why the character written on the stone is called hieroglyphs(hie-ro-glyphs).
'hie' (Ë´) of hie-ro-glyphs means 'Japanese millet'.
'ro' (Û) means 'mouth' in Japanese.
'glyphs' (‚­‚邵‚¢) means 'painful' in Japanese.
Therefore hie-ro-glyphs means I am painful as Japanese millet does not unpalatable.
Japanese millet is a kind of grain and it means there is no part that you eat too much in Japanese millet.
Therefore wheat which has much part that you can eat was devised."

Japanese millet (hie in Japanese)

The photos of the landscape of Egypt

The container of the juice

#)The contents of the following web page is what has been told about pyramids until now.

I wrote a letter about the way of building of pyramids to the professor Yo›››of Waseda University about 1999 when I began to be informed about the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
However the channeling told me the professor put my letter away deep in the desk without showing it to anyone.
The channeling information seems to be right because he has often told that pyramids were made by human hands on TV until now.

yThe true face of mummy was like this? The expedition of Waseda University restored the face of a mummy by CG.z

After I read the above article, channeling told me the following.
As it is the matter told through the channeling, it is not clear whether it is right or not.
Excuse my quoting the channeling info below.

"It is the face of the past life of professor Yo›››.
The mummy is the priest who was dominated by the Ruler's Star and he sealed Stone gods in Egypt.
Moreover he has worked to seal Stone gods in this life, too.
The subconsciousness of mummy has reached the goal by finding himself as a mummy and restoring the face."

Incidentally the news of today« is not related to to him directly, but I was told it is meaningful the news is informed to the public today.

y15 million research fund unauthorized receipt by Waseda University professorz

Moreover professor Oo›› has denied the invisible world like Grain pattern(Crop circle) through TV and has insisted they have been made naturally.
He made almost all the Japanese ignore the meaning of Crop circle.
As he has cursed the messages from universe and invisible world as bogus, the adverse effect is enormous, I think.

sThe introduction in the bulletin boardt

*)Armageddon means 'Har-Meggido' in Aramaic and this Meggido ruins is the hill ruins which is called Tel.

*)Hebrew are the characters which makes my mind calm and seem to express Stone gods.


sThe contents of bulletin boardt

The contents about the blood pressure of dinosaur was written on bulletin board.

Can the dinosaurs bear the gravity of today?
The answer is "No!"
Because these dinosaurs can't support their own weight as their bodies are too big.
Moreover the blood pressure of the heart is '600mmhg' and the weight of the heart is as heavy as '400kg'.
The long and short of it those dinosaurs can't live on the earth by Cardiac hypertrophy and tremendous high blood pressure.

In other case, Pterodactyl's which is a biggest kind of Pterosaur which have been found until now has the wingspan as long as 15.46meter.
It is bigger than Cessna plane of today.
Therefore this Pterodactyl's needed the takeoff speed as fast as 55km per hour when it jumped up from the land.
The fossil of Pterodactyl's didn't show it had such power.


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