Iron@b Entropy? b magnetic force b gravity? b Atlantis @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 18, 2006

Iron@b Entropy? b magnetic force bgravity?bAtlantis

June 17, 2006

The following was informed as the continuation of yesterday's contact through the channeling while I was taking a walk.
Therefore I would like to write the contents which I have remembered.
Though I can't guarantee whether the following is true in the real life or not.
It told me as follows.

"Please let people know.
Iron (F) can't increase itself like Silicon.
However it wanted to live.
Therefore it got adoptive.
It was "e" which came from the universe.
F make "e" work and generate electricity.
The electricity is generated by taking advantage of the difference in height between@e@and @e.
It is the same mechanism as the hydroelectric power.
E@(e) is en, en ----entropy?"

jSilicon was able to increase by becoming stone algae and since then it came to become creatures.

iI closed my eyes to ask the meaning of the signal which I got in the right index finger.)


"A big black square appeared.
There is a white line in the center of it.
The entire part turn into the light gray."

The meaning of the above image is as follows.

"It means iron was wrong.
However it reflected on it because the beings from the sky warned to iron.
The magnetic force(electromagnetic force?) is the flow of the electricity.
The reason why silicon of Stone gods got dead is due to the magnetic force.
The electricity was made stop as silicon became the stone.
When the iron of the earth is united, high voltage is generated like electric eel.
The earth was once chunks of the feelings of dissatisfaction in the universe.
It was burned by helium, which turned into iron.
However it will be a miserable situation when the chunks of iron come to have electricity.
Because entropy of the universe will come over.
Entropy is the thing which is smaller than an atom and which has consciousness.
However entropy is too small for humanity to catch or measure.
Moreover entropy sticks only to iron and it turn into Fe.
Entropy expects it has ruled the earth."

yI have erased the energy body of entropy.z
(You can erase bad energy body if you recite in this way as humanity have the spiritual power which is the strongest in the universe.@yby Takashiz)

jHelium (H) is the material which was born first in the universe and it expresses equality.
As Helium changed into O and so on, the number of Helium reduces and it means new atoms will be born.

Silicon b Helium

jelectromagnetic force

"There was no magnetic force in the age of the dinosaurs.

iDoes it mean there was no gravity?j

Therefore big dinosaurs were able to move effortlessly.
The reason why the earth didn't become a state of complete weightlessness like in the universe, was that atoms of oxygen and nitrogen filled in the air.
The bodies didn't float up as oxygen and nitrogen pressed them down.
It was difficult for dinosaurs to move if the same gravitation (gravity?) as today existed@ in those days becaue dinosaurs were too big.
There were no mountains in the age of the dinosaurs.
As plains spread all around and many trees were growing even big dinosaurs had no difficulty with bait.
Moreover all the places on the earth were warm as water membrane surrounded the earth .
That is why fossils of dinosaurs have been found all over the places on the earth.

iThe announcement given to me yesterday told me that iron catches water.
I asked the meaning about iron catches water.)

That iron catches water means iron makes electricity flow and rules Hydrogen.
As there are much iron (Fe) and water in human bodies, humanity has been ruled by iron."

jThere is a hematopoiesis in hemoglobin as iron is included in it.
iThe information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' told about Atlantis in detail in an early time.(Please refer to the book titled "The message from the stars".j)
Then I was told people in Atlantis were able to move very easily as they were a little floating.
I thought Atlantis people were Stone men who were able to instruct to atoms and they instructed atoms so that atoms would release the hands for floating up.
However if there was no gravity in Atlantis era, it was natural Atlantis people moved easily and walked the long distance which can't be imagined by humanity of modern times.j


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