Orion | pyramids | Stone humans in Egypt | crane and so on  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 6, 2006

Orion | pyramids | Stone humans in Egypt | crane and so on

I was given a signal to my body.
The channeling info told me as follows.

"Sirius speaking.
I have something that I want to have you write.
Arcturus said it woud support Stone humans and deceived them, as it had been tempted to do it by Seat cattleman.

Dec. 4, 2006

A part is excerpted.

"I've descended to you so that I would tell you Orion had cooperated with Stone gods.
Orion descended to the Stone humans in Egypt.
Orion told Stone humans to build three pyramids.
It told Stone gods to cut out soft bodies of Stone gods and piled them up as if they had made rice balls.
(I was told the same contents from previous days.
The pyramids of Giza has the same angle as that of the stars of Orion. )
The reason why pyramids was made into square pyramids, is that the earth at the time was ruled by the Ruler's Star and Orion told Stone gods to make the square ones which showed animals.
The reason why pyramids were made into four-sided pyramids was the alter egos of Stone gods in those days had become the triangular mountains.
Stone gods in Egypt wanted to do the job which left the evidence of their having descended from Sagittarius even though they were ruled by the Ruler's Star.
The trapezoidal pyramids in Central and South America were not made into four-sided pyramids because they didn't do the job which showed the evidence of presence of Stone gods.
Orion was watching Stone humans being made into stones.
It was Snake charmer seat that made Stone humans into stones.
Therefore the beings of Sagittarius in those days asked for help to the universe.
That is why Orion descended to Egypt.
You will find unexpected thing, if you let people know the meaning of ruins and murals in Egypt.

(The rapping sound was heard.)

The thing which human beings can't see was drawn in the mural.
It is about the inside of the earth.
It was drawn in Hatshepsut."

Hatshepsut Temple,

(The figures in the above photos in Hatshepsut are the connection of Stone humans but those figures are told to have been slaves who were connected by necks.
I was told through the channeling those figures show the Neus of Stone gods which covered the earth.)

*) Neu= It is the collection of consciousness and it has no figure.
It is the spiritual bodies in the universe.

"It is the figures which show many persons are connected.
However those persons correspond to Neus which were covering the earth.
It was the Ruler's Star that taught slaves were connected with each other.
Stone humans with flowers show Neus of Stone gods on the earth.
Stone humans were born in the place called Valley of the Kings where is in the west of ruins of Egypt.
It is the place called Tombs of the Kings."

Then I saw a 《Vision》

"The rectangle light of the light cream at the lower left=New book【Human birth record of 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'】 "

(The vision which showed the same color and the form was seen previously.
The book cover was cream and the vision showed the book.)

The beings from the sky seems to inform me they are looking at the book titled 【Human birth record of 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'】which has been published newly.

"The beings who were born in the stone chambers in the place called Tombs of the Kings were Stone humans who were drawn there.
They entered into the wall so that they would inform human beings that they lived in Egypt.
The reason why they became such a picture was to show Stone humans lived on the earth.
Moreover they wanted to inform that it was human beings that turned up after Stone humans.

The mixed races of dogs and birds were living.
Those mixed races are informing stars which sent dogs and little birds brainstormed the wisdom."

Oct. 28, 2006

The bird seat, the aggregation of atoms before turning into human beings and Steller's sea eagle seat(Vulture).

Carnac temple (from Mr.I)

"It is the mural which shows the red arms.
They show atoms of the Stone humans became human beings by being taught the circulation of the blood by bird seat.

The beak of eagle (Steller's sea eagle seat) on the right side is black which shows though it was taught only by bird seat, it was made to draw Vega taught it, too.

The figure shows the humanity at the center was not scraped off but the coupling of atoms was going to become humanity.

The marks of atoms are covering the human body.

The human body was brittle.

(Stone humans in Rome said the same thing to me, too.)

Humanity was weak because there was not enough food for humanity.
Therefore we taught how to make the flour."

"The reason why mural was made was the real Stone humans entered into the wall.
They left the form of Stone humans.
Neus of hieroglyphs entered into the walls and pillars after becoming the form."

Dec. 6, 2006

The weight of the polyhedral limestone of pyramids exceed 400t.
How did humanity cut out, carry and install such a big megalith?

Incidentally the biggest crane of today is said it has the weigh limit of 200 tons for the lifting of the thing.
Moreover they say there are only two biggest ones in the world.
The biggest crane has 67 meter arm length and it must put 160t weight in the opposite side of the arm for balancing to prevent the falling.

The same theories were written in the "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancok.
There are people who taunt the theory of Graham Hancok by the armchair theory.
I think it is important to know the human limitations.

I was told from the beings from the sky that the position of the biggest three pyramids corresponds to the three stars of Orion.
I wondered why Stone humans who had made pyramids had drilled the holes toward not only Orion but also Polaris.

Nov. 1, 2006

The human power is small.

They say it took two hours for them to make this small stone statue stand up.
Was it possible to build huge stone statues with less population and less food in the age of long ago?
Those people long ago must have lead the life when it was best to look for the food such as the savege people of today.

I was told the position of the biggest three pyramids corresponds to the three stars of Orion.
I wondered why Stone humans who had made pyramids had drilled the holes toward not only Orion but also Polaris.
Then the word 'Artur seat(?)' came out of my mouth.
The pronunciation of 'Artur' made me anxious about the bird,crane.
The channeling info told me it is the star which sent cranes to the earth.
The crane has a small head compared with the body but it is wise enough to be able to fly over Everest mountains.
It informs humanity the directive or the consciousness comes to the crane from the star.
(Humanity usually think they are thinking with their head.
However the human consciousness comes from the fixed area in the sky like the one of birds are sent from the star.)
By the fluctuations in the star "precession", Polaris will change, not the same star.
I was told Stone humans drilled the hole of pyramids toward Polaris as Polaris at the time of pyramid construction was the star which supported the earth.
I was also told it became the mate of the Ruler's Star since then, though Polaris in those days was Artur seat(Arcturus) . 
The swan has the smaller head compared with its body, but the black beak of it show it is not telling the truth.


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