The conditions to become Stone men |Erase the result of evil deeds |Energy body of southern islands  

By Sennari

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 25, 2006

The conditions to become Stone men |Erase the result of evil deeds |Energy body of southern islands 

I thought Stone god might want to be Stone men who were able to move freely rather than to become buildings.
Therefore I asked the answer through the channeling.

"That's right.
Atoms of Stone gods wanted to become the beings who were able to move freely.
Therefore the beings from the sky stopped to make atoms to turn into Stone gods as each Stone god started to fight.
How did they solve the problem?
Sirius devised various kind of buildings which Sirius taught to atoms.
Sirius tempted atoms to become such buildings.
However Sirius put a condition to become Stone men.
(I didn't quite understand the meaning of above text.)

The condition was that atoms would be able to come back to Sagittarius if they turned into Stone men.
Instead the beings from the sky promised atoms which would turn into buildings and so on would be able to turn into what they like when the material of the figure disappears. 
Those who turned into Stone men were given the commitment to leave as stone statues or born again as humanity.
Atoms can't go back to Sagittarius because atoms can't go back to silicon if they would become humanity.
When humanity die, the atoms of humanity choose the way to become the creature in the sea or born again as humanity.
The human thoughts leave as the chunks of atoms which disassenble to Oxygen and Nitrogen of bodies(?).
People who came from other stars like Sirius or Orion can go back to the original star when they die, as they have borrowed the atoms of Stone gods.
Those who cooperated with Stone gods can have the body again by borrowing the atoms of Stone gods.

However those who don't cooperate with Stone gods can't go back to the bad stars of the Ruler's Star which have already erased.
Therefore subconsciousness of those people gather together with those people who came from those bad stars because there are no stars to come back.
The same thoughts gather together much and forms the star.
When they come back to the earth, they will be forced to choose the life in which they erase the result of evil deeds according to the law of the universe."

(I was often told it is only the time when subconsciousness of humanity can erase the result of evil deeds is the time when they have bodies.
It seems the human bodies are made of the atoms of Stone gods.
I have been told from previous days the authority who monopolized the wealth and had a luxury life will have to lead the opposite life by the law of universe.

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God was told by Jesus as old as 2000 years ago.
Why many people exercise the power by the fit of greed?


"Dull gold goes over there from here changing the form to the circle or the square several times.

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

I have thought dull gold shows good thing but I've found it is still not good.
However it seems that bad guys ran away because dull gold goes over there in the vision.
The selfish subconsciousness of Polaris seems to have revived. 

Around the same time I was introduced the below site of a healer in the southern island.

The photos in which the energy body of giant white snake and giant energy body were captured were posted in the above site.
According to the contact from a reader, not only herself but also even children got sick when they are viewing the above site.
Even the person who does not matter at all saw the vision like dragons while he was viewing the above site, was told in the blog.
Those photos inform us there is a great relationship in the invisible world.
I was told Stone gods in Mu sank into the sea because serpents did too much evil deeds in Mu formerly.
As the subconsciousness of those serpents have haunted in the people in Okinawa, I was told people in Okinawa have come to worship dragons.
Most of the typhoons which come toward Japan usually hit Okinawa because typhoons want to defeat the bad energy body haunting Okinawa.
The mail of a reader with inspirations told the feet of the woman who is called 'the god in Okinawa' looks like the snake.


Thank you for your mail.

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