Small e |Amalgam |hieroglyphs |Japanese archipelago   

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 7, 2006

Small e |Amalgam |hieroglyphs |Japanese archipelago 

I got the signal before going to bed.

"I'm Sirius.
I was told to inform you from the being who was forced to become stone (Stone god).
It is the fault of the Ruler's Star that Stone gods died. 
Because the Ruler's Star attracted small e (atomic symbol) from the universe and sent them to the earth.
The small e called other mates of lower-case alphabetic characters of atomic symbols.
Therefore the earth came to have more electricity (gravity).
The long and short of it magnetic force got stronger."

* ) Small atoms=It is the atomic symbols which are attached lower-case alphabetic characters.
silver(Ag) arsenic(As) gold(Au) kadonyumu(Cd) chlorine(Cl) cobalt(Co) mercury(Hg) Iridium(Ir) strontium(Sr) purutonyuumu(Pu)  thallium(Tl)  radium(Ra), and so on.

I got the signals in the left wrist several times.

"The signal tells those who are in the blind spot are doing evil deeds.
Those who are in the blind spot are the mates of small e and they gather together and form the energy body.
Please erase the mates of small e which want to rule humanity by turning into energy body."

(As humanity have the strongest spiritual power in the universe, humanity can erase the energy body with the help of the beings from the sky by reciting as follows.
【I've chopped the bad energy body and returned it to the atoms.】【by Takashi】)

I woke up with the signal.
The channeling started.

"We have found the bad guys.
They are the group of the mates of small e.
Stone gods who descended to Nara Prefecture, Japan were able to move only in the evening. 
That is why small e descended to the earth with the light of the sun.
The Ruler's Star told the sun to take small e to the earth, because the Ruler's Star deceived by telling that small e would serve for the earth.
The bad guys (the Ruler's Star) put the lid on the holes made in the body of Stone gods.
That is small e put the lids on the holes of the juice of Stone gods.
They became *Amalgam and closed the holes of the juice of Stone gods.

There remains the holes in the body of Stone god which were not closed.

The long and short of it lower-case alphabetic characters of atomic symbols descended to the earth and showered on Stone gods and became *Amalgam by sticking to the other atoms.
(*Amalgam=It is the generic name of the alloy of mercury and other metal.    The Amalgam of tin and silver is used for dental therapy)

It is being informed by Stone god who became a sacrifice himself by turning into Big Buddha of Nara Prefecture, Japan."

Big Buddha in Nara Prefecture,Japan

*)The holes for the juice of Stone gods =Stone gods had the holes in their bodies so that they could give the juice directly from the bodies of Stone gods to alter egos and giants.

* )Amalgam=It is the alloy of mercury and other metal.

(Why did small e and other small Alphabet of atomic symbol generate? )

"Though small e and other small type ones gather together with the same thought, they are very small as the number is very low and independent.
Some of the small ones wanted to serve for humanity.
Therefore some have worked for humanity but there are too many atoms which wanted to rule humanity in the universe.
Those atoms formed small groups and wanted to go to the earth somehow.
The Ruler's Star knew it and it made small groups its subordinates.
Therefore the Ruler's Star was able to dominate humanity more strongly with the subordinates."

《Vision 1》

"The hybrid of lion and humanity is wearing fine clothes in the cartoon.
The next one is wearing tattered clothes.
When it hit in its head with the hammer, it disappears."

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"The lion is the animal which was sent to the earth by the Ruler's Star.

You will understand even though I might not explain, won't you?"

(Si,Na,Ca and so on)

"Let me tell the meaning that the person of Egypt was putting the drawing board on the head.

NO 369

(The parcel of furoshiki which is written in the dream of Egypt.)

The meaning of hieroglyphs is written on the drawing board.
People of Egypt in those days knew the meaning of hieroglyphs.
However those who were haunted by goblins informed such the thoroughly erroneous meaning as was taught by the Ruler's Star.
The pattern which depicted the persons with the coupled hands doesn't mean the prisoners of the enemy.
It tells to the persons who did bad deed.
It means they will tie the hands if someone do the bad deed.
It is the meaning which has been told the most erroneously.
The various patterns show the atoms of Stone gods turned into such things."

(Besides this the shape of hieroglyphs show the building on the hill, the thing which catches if someone do the bad deed, the shape before becoming the arm, the semicircle is Stone god, the tool to cut the tip of wheat, eel, cotton, animals as they are , and so on.


"As the rain flows to this place from the roof of the other house, the person of the other house is regretting."

The meaning of the above image is as follows.

"It expresses the mountains of Japanese archipelago.
Japanese archipelago was made impersonating to Stone god.

(The first giant of Stone god had no hands or had the short hands. )

Hokkaido expresses the head, Kii Peninsula express the left leg.
Though the left leg is cut it can't be helped in order to protect Yamatai Kingdom (in Shikoku).
The central high mountains in Japanese archipelago corresponds to spine.
It informs rain and snow are separated by mountains."

(I got the signal in the left thumb.= The signal was given by Sirius who taught spine.)

"Why was the mountains made in the center of Japanese archipelago and why was Japanese archipelago separated from the side of Sea of Japan and the side of Pacific ocean by the mountains?
It was because the giant of Japanese archipelago wanted to be unfaltering.
The mountains corresponds to the spine of the giant.
The giants of Stone gods were able to live because the juice (water) rises from the feet by capillary action.
The giant of Japanese archipelago is the same with the giants of Stone gods.
Japanese archipelago is given water from feet (the direction of Kyusyu).
The water is the juice and it is the rain and the rainy season which come from the direction of Kyusyu.
However the Ruler's Star took advantage of it.
It made Dragons invade from China and the energy body of serpents from Mu to the direction of feet (Kyusyu). 
Kyushu was added in order to protect the giant(Honsyu)".

Though I have kept informing the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' which were given from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' over eight years.
However it is very hard to convey this information because this information is completely different from the existing way of thinking.
Though peace negotiations had progressed much in Palestine, it returned to the original point, because this information has not been spread from Japan.
I was often told from the beings from the sky the reason for it is the energy body from Japan has given the power to those who doubt this information.

Islam preached as "an eye for an eye" which meant "if somebody gave you something beautiful to see, you should gift them back something beautiful to see, and as "a tooth for a tooth" meant "if somebody gave you something to eat, you should gift them back something to eat."
This meant that we should not monopolize the grace of God, though it is regarded as the teaching of revenge now as I told you previously.

Though the difference of interpretation of the teaching of Islam has incurred the terrifying situation,  the teaching from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' which was informed for the peace has not been spread.
Even though the leaders of all area in the world and the media has been informed this information, they don't convey it.
I think it there is a big responsibility to them that we have been led to the confusion of this earth.


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