Scientists | The dream of Egypt |Identity of the infant kidnapper | False door of Heneni  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 4, 2006

Scientists | The dream of Egypt |Identity of the infant kidnapper | False door of Heneni

July 4, 2006


"The scientist in white coat is moving in the animation.
Only a hand of Stone man? comes and extends here to help something.
A hand comes and extends to the scene where several scientists are making a conference as well.
The thing like an elephant's trunk comes and extends over the researchers at the end."

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

" Those who have great talent for academic should notice that they are supported by the beings from the sky or Stone gods.
They should not have high opinions themselves without noticing it."

The vision seems to satirize there are scientists who uses money for themselves though they get much money from the country for research.
Moreover the problem of paper forgery have become a topic.


"On the way to the amusement park by bus by several Egyptians, the police men come boarded the bus saying there is a group of infant kidnappers.
When we reached the amusement park, Egyptian guide is taciturn wearing Japanese old full dress.
I am looking for the money in order to pass the chip.
The rectangle box-type stones(?) are lining up on the mound.
Two men who put the things like drawing board(?) wrapped with wrapping cloth, upon the heads as if they were like hats are walking.
I am thinking why those drawing boards wrapped with wrapping cloth don't fall down from the heads without supporting by the hands."

The meaning of the above dream is as follows.

"I want you to come over to Egypt.
The infant kidnapper is the educational program producer of *NHK."

(*NHK is Japanese National Broadcasting Compay)

I view the infant program of NHK occasionally.
I worried a lot from a long time ago when I saw it, because just such the Ruler's Star sent to the earth as caterpillars, butterflies, pigs, monks, snakes, monsters come out in the program.
After I know this information, I can't help thinking NHK is brainwashing people from the age of infants.
I think TV and games have a big influence on the abnormality of today's children.
However NHK is brainwashing infants secretly in this way.
The beings from the sky seems to have informed that NHK has a grave responsibility on such an act.

"The rectangle box-type stone on the mound shows Stone god (mound ) and Sirius made the ruins of Egypt.
They made wrapping cloth by stretching the juice.
They are wrapping up the thing on which the picture of hieroglyphs is drawn.
People in those days knew the meaning of this picture writings well.
They made square stones with wrapping cloth and piled them up.

(I was told from previous days the stones of pyramids were made from the soft body of Stone gods.
Those stones were made as if they were like wrapped rice balls with the dishcloth or Saran Wrap (plastic) cling film.
Therefore I was told the size of the square stone is almost the same with one another.
Some of the meaning of hieroglyphs have been told to me but they are thoroughly different from today's interpretation.
The picture writings on hieroglyphs seem to inform the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' but I can't help consenting when I see the patterns on it.)

#)My mouth moved faintly and channeling started.

"The patterns which are drawn inside of the door show Stone gods solidified and made the earth.
However the Ruler's Star made people call it as False door."

Only above was told then.

*)False door of Heneni


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