The cause of earthquake iThe earthquake that moves slowly, too) bThe coupling and separation of Neus bThe fetus in the baby bThe dying out of the clan of Pleiadenai@(=Pleiades) @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Nov. 27, 2006

The@cause of earthquake iThe earthquake that moves slowly, too) bThe coupling and separation of Neus bThe fetus in the baby bThe dying out of the clan of Pleiadenai

jI went to bed after I asked the cause of the crevices of the earth which becomes the cause of the earthquakes and the slimy earthquake(slow slip), as they appeared in the picture of the vision.

How to occur massive earthquake and Tunami@b The smashing of a meteorite@b@Postscript on Dec. 28, 2004

"Because *Neus don't hold hands with the congenial friends.

*)@Neu= It is the collection of consciousness and it has no figure. It is the spiritual bodies in the universe.

The forms have been made in the earth by the Neus and ones of Stone gods who became the earth.
However Neus who do not fit each other of the mind among the same fellow sometimes hate to hold hands.
They always fight with one another in that case and come to release the hands which they have held.
A gap is made in the crust owing to the releasing of the hands but other Neus move to repair the gap.
Therefore the earthquake occurs.
However the earthquakes are not always occured only by the Neus on bad terms.
Neus of the earth and ones of Stone gods sometimes cause earthquakes in order to let humanity know their presence by any means.
'Slimy earthquake' occur because Neus try to repair the gap little by little as they have known humanity will get the large damage if they move at a stretch."

"The earthquake that moves slowly (Slimy earthquake) means the bedrock moves little by little.
Crustal movement which might cause the big earthquake if it moves at a stretch, have been observed since 2000.
The rock cut out straightly which was made by the rockfall of Tsuyama Line has the smooth surface like a table.
Those rocks with the smooth surface show Neus of Stone gods out of synchronization released the hands at a stretch.
I was told it has informed the meaning of the earthquake.
Jews and Palestinians are fighting even though they were the same people bygone days.
I think it may be related to the cause of earthquake.

j"The baby born in Chile had another fetus in the stomach."

When I was reading the above article, I got the intense signal in the right palm.
The channeling info told me as follows.

This incident shows the matter of the beginning of the humanity.
It informs the humanity who were not able to do anything like babies at the time of human generation gave birth to the human baby."

I was told yesterday that the queen of Pleiadenai revived.
I can consent to what I was told because I came to be informed a variety of information.
That means Pleiadenai is cruel and like strives.
A big terrorism took place in Iraq.
It seems to have been the work of the generation of the energy body of Pleiadenai.
yI've erased the queen of Pleiadenai .z


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