Please welcome a good year!@

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

This contents was written ten years ago.

Dec. 30, 2003

Please welcome a good year!

It is only one day before the New Year comes.
The unexpected information have been given this year, too.
I think the credibility of the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' has increased more and more.
Though I wrote I couldn't guarantee what I told is true, I can't help thinking it is true, as I went to see Stone gods in various places, saw mysterious rocks which exist actually, got much channeling infos given to me, got the signals which was given to my body, saw many visions, and got informations on web sites and informations which have been given to me from the readers of my site.
You may not be able to understand why I came to think human thoughts are related to the occurrence of the earthquakes.
The clouds which I thought the earthquake clouds were observed a lot in mid-November this year.
However the project of the sky which I was told was changed by the opposition of the aggregation of subconsciousness of the universe.

On the other hand the miserable damage of the earthquake in Iran have been informed.
However Stone gods in Iran told me they caused the earthquake because they had been asked to take souls of the humanity to the world of the life after death because those people thought they couldn't have the life in which they can approach the truth in this world and wanted to be born again as early as possible.
I have often seen clear fault clouds this year.
I was told by the beings from the sky that those fault clouds show the dimension will be changed into the two world.
One is the world where people believe the invisible world.
The other is the world where people believe only the visible world.

According to the beings from the sky, world won't be separeted in two world.
However the human thinking will be separated into two groups as the human thinking is not thought by the brain but they are sent from the sky.
The long and short of it the brain is nothing but the organ which receive the thought sent from the sky.
That is explained by the word, difference of dimension.
Those who can believe the invisible world will be able to get the peace of mind and will have good and pleasant experiences in lives from now on.

«The following is the article which is on The Yomiuri Sinbun of today.(Dec. 30, 2003)

Mr. Yoshimutu Yamamoto, the author of 'The discovery of magnetic force and gravity' and the ex- Zenkyoto representative of Tokyo University told in the lecture of prep as follows.

It is not the science that gives the answer like admissions problem.
Science is the thing in which we keep thinking by believing that there is the answer.

The Yomiuri Sinbun wrote they feel as if they were taught the freedom and severity of thinking called science.
I took my hat to the humility of the way of thinking of Mr. Yamamoto.
I have also been informed a lot this year.
What was the most impressive is the following.

–@The presence of mysterious rocks like Arches,@the arch which has the supporting post and so on which can't be thought they were made naturally by any means.
–@The silicon of Stone god became the start of occurrence of creature.
–@How the subconsciousness in the universe started?
–@I think the enigma of the prehistoric ruins has been solved when we know earth's axis moved 90 degrees.

In addition I'd like to give thanks because the pictures which were shown by robots of the beings from the sky have become better and I was often shown beautiful visions.

I sincerely appreciate the warm support of the readers of my site.

Please welcome a good year!


Thank you for your mail.

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